Diego and Dora Save the Giant Tortoises
Airdate June 3, 2008
Season 3
Episode 13
Written by Valerie Walsh Valdes
Directed by Allan Jacobsen
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Diego and Dora Save the Giant Tortoises (or simply just Save the Giant Tortoises) is the 13th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from season 3.

Characters present


Diego's Papi introduces Diego and Dora to a very special animal, Lonely Louie, the Giant Tortoise. He explains to them that Louie is very lonely because nobody has ever found another tortoise just like him. They later find a female tortoise named Leslie, who becomes his mate.


The wizard with his missing piece

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Places in episode

  1. Hidden Tunnel
  2. Forest
  3. Turtle Rock


  • Alicia is absent.
  • This is the only time Dora wears the same vest Diego does.
  • In the credits it said "Save the Giant Tortoises".
    • Some online listings list this episode with that same title too.
  • This episode shows Click in a new version.
  • Diego doesn't say "Excelente", he instead says "Yay!"
  • Diego doesn't say "We solved the puzzle", he instead says "We finished the puzzle".
  • The four rainbow colors are red, yellow, green, and blue at the end of this episode.
  • This is the second Go, Diego, Go! (first in airing order) episode that Dora uses the picture pop-up sequence.
  • Diego and Dora don't sing the Travel Song in this episode, Dora and Diego are traveling with each other in this episode without Boots being involved, or throughout the Go, Diego, Go! series.
  • This is the second Go, Diego, Go! episode (first in airing order) that Dora uses Map.
  • Dora says "See you soon!" at the end.


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