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Save the Giant Tortoises
Diego and Dora holding green turtles (2)
Airdate Tuesday, June 3, 2008 (DVD)
Monday, June 15, 2009 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 (Nick Jr.)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 9:30am
Season 3
Episode 15 (aired)
8 (produced)
Written by Valerie Walsh Valdes
Storyboard by:
Allan Jacobsen
Arthur Valencia
Directed by Allan Jacobsen
Previous A New Flamingo Mami (airing order)
Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival (production order)
Next The Great Polar Bear Rescue (airing order)
Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue (production order)

Diego and Dora Save the Giant Tortoises (or simply Save the Giant Tortoises) is the 15th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 3.

In production order, it's the 8th episode of Season 3.

Characters present[]


Lonely Louie is a rare Giant Tortoise from the Galápagos Islands who wants to find a friend. Will you help Diego and Dora travel to the Lost Island to find a friend for him?


Diego and Dora introduce the viewer(s) to a very special animal, Lonely Louie (based on the real-life Lonesome George), the Giant Tortoise. He explains to them that Louie is very lonely because nobody has ever found another tortoise just like him. Using Click, they later find a female tortoise named Leslie, who becomes his mate. Along the way, they cross the straits of the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador to get to Turtle Rock on the Lost Island.

Animal found by Click[]

Leslie the Giant Tortoise

Places in this episode[]

  1. Hidden Tunnel
  2. Crater Forest
  3. Turtle Rock


  • Lost Island
  • Booby Trap Desert


Giant Tortoise Facts[]

  • Giant tortoises have feet, not flippers like marine animals.
  • Giant tortoises live on the Galapagos Islands, not in cities.
  • Giant tortoises eat leaves, not worms because they look like snakes.
  • Giant tortoises rock and roll if they fall on their backs. They cannot dance ballet.

Animal Puzzle with Questions[]

  • Does a giant tortoise have flippers or feet?
  • Does the giant tortoise live in cities or on islands?
  • Does the giant tortoise eat leaves or worms?
  • If a giant tortoise falls on its back, does it ballet dance or rock-and-roll?


  • This is the last episode of the series to be written by co-creator Valerie Walsh Valdes.
  • Boots, Alicia, Backpack, Swiper, Baby Jaguar, Rescue Pack, the Fiesta Trio, and the Bobo Brothers do not appear in this episode.
    • Usually, Dora appears alongside with Alicia in the Let's Review segment, but since Alicia does not appear in this episode, not even the Let's Review segment, Dora replaces her in the segment. This is the only time this happens.
      • Because of this, Dora says "See you soon!" at the end instead of Alicia.
  • The Fiesta Trio does not play their fanfare after passing the places.
  • This is the 6th time that Dora appears within the Go, Diego, Go! series and the 5th without Boots.
  • This is the only time Dora wears the same vest Diego and Alicia do, excluding in the Let's Review segment.
  • In the credits, it is titled "Save the Giant Tortoises".
    • Some online listings list this episode with that title as well.
  • This episode shows Click in a new version.
  • During the animal end song, Diego doesn't say "¡Excelente!", he instead says "Yay!"
  • After completing the puzzle in "Let's Review!", Diego doesn't say "We solved the puzzle", he instead says "We finished the puzzle".
  • Diego does not use Rescue Pack in this episode.
  • The four rainbow colors are red, yellow, green, and blue at the end of this episode.
  • This is the first Go, Diego, Go! episode that Dora uses the picture pop-up sequence. It will happen again in Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival.
    • In production order, it's the other way around.
  • Diego and Dora don't sing the Travel Song in this episode, they instead sing Al Rescate. Plus, they are travelling with each other in this episode without Boots being involved, or throughout the Go, Diego, Go! series.
  • This is the second Go, Diego, Go! episode (or third in production order) where Dora uses Map after Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue. It will happen once more in Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival (in production order, this and said episode are switched).
    • Also, the Fiesta Trio don't sing with him in this episode.
  • Map's dancing is recycled from Seasons 4-6 of Dora the Explorer, from the following episodes:
  • When Dora checks Map, when she tells the viewer(s) to "say it louder", she says, "Louder! MAP!", just like in Dora Saves the Mermaids, where she is saying "Map" with the viewer. Episodes of Dora the Explorer Season 5 onward until Feliz Dia De Los Padres do this as well.
    • This is similar to how Diego says "¡Activaté!" with the viewer(s) after he says "Louder!" to call Rescue Pack.
  • This episode premiered on DVD in June 2008 before it premiered on TV a year later.
  • Although it premiered in 2008 on DVD and 2009 on TV, it was actually made in 2007 according to the credits.

Dora the Explorer - Giant Tortoise Adventure

  • There is an e-book based on this episode called "Giant Tortoise Adventure".


  • Since this was more of an adventure than a rescue, Dora and Diego should have sung "Una Adventura" instead of "Al Rescate", unless one counts saving lost Leslie.
  • Dora's vest disappears for no reason during the Let's Review segment.
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