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Oh no! I don't know when to talk!

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Dora: "We need your help!"
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  • Diego: Hola. I'm Diego. I'm at the monarch butterfly festival. Every winter, monarch butterflies leave the snowy mountain and fly down here to the warm forest for the festival. Mi familia is here to welcome them. If you see my sister Alicia say "hola."
  • Alicia: Hola. There's so many monarch butterflies coming to the festival that I need my butterfly calculator to count them.
  • Diego: And where's Baby Jaguar? Right there! Say "mreow mreow."
  • Baby Jaguar: Meow meow. I can't wait for the monarch butterflies to get here.
  • Diego: Are all the monarch butterflies here, Alicia?
  • Alicia: No, Diego. We're missing a baby monarch butterfly.
  • Diego: A baby monarch?
  • Baby Jaguar: We can't start the festival until all the butterflies are here.
  • (video watch beeps)
  • Diego: That's my video watch. Do you see who it is? Right. It's mi prima Dora.
  • Dora: Hola. Diego, I was on my way to the festival but I found a baby monarch butterfly who stayed behind. She doesn't come out of her cocoon. If she doesn't come out, the snowy snow will freeze her cocoon.
  • Diego: I'll help you get Baby Monarch out of her cocoon. I'm on my way.
  • Monarch Butterfly: You have to hurry, Diego.
  • Diego: Don't worry, monarch butterflies, I can get there fast. We need to get to Dora and Baby Monarch quick. My Rescue Pack can transform into anything we need. To activate my Rescue Pack say, "activate." Louder "activate!"
  • (Rescue Pack activates)
  • Rescue Pack: Yo, Rescue Pack! I'm Rescue Pack Coming to the rescue. Al rescate! Rescue Pack coming to the rescue. I'm Rescue Pack I got your back, I can turn into a parasail or a kayak, a zip chord, a snowboard, whatever you need. We can do it. Nothing to it. I'm Rescue Pack Coming to the rescue. Al rescate! Rescue Pack coming to the rescue. I'm Rescue Pack! Yo, Rescue Pack here. Diego needs something that will help him fly to Dora and Baby Monarch fast. Can he use ice skates to fly fast? No. Can he use a boat to fly fast? No! Can he use a hand glider to fly fast? Yes, that's it. Now you tell Diego he needs a hand glider.
  • Diego: What do I need? A hand glider, right. My supersonic hand glider can fly really, really far, all the way to the snowy mountain. Countdown from five with me. Start with five. Five, four, three, two, one, blast off!
  • (Diego flies though the air)
  • Diego: Al rescate, amigos! Clap your hands with me. Clap, clap, clap. Clap, clap clap. Clap, clap, clap. Clap, clap, clap. Let's call out to the monarch butterfly. Say, "monarch." Say, "butterfly."
  • Animals: Go, Diego, go, vamos, Diego, vamos. Al rescate, amigos, to the rescue, my friends. Al rescate, amigos, to the rescue, my friends. Go, Diego, go (Diego), vamos, Diego, vamos (Diego), go, Diego, go (Diego), vamos, Diego, vamos, Diego, vamos!
  • Map: Dora and Diego need to take Baby Monarch back to the butterfly festival. Well, I know how to get to the festival. First, you need to go past the cactus desert. Then, through the swamp. And that's how you'll get to the butterfly festival. So remember: Desert, swamp, butterfly festival. Say it with me. Desert, swamp, butterfly festival. Desert, swamp, butterfly festival. Desert, swamp, butterfly festival!
  • Diego: What does a monarch butterfly do?
  • Diego, Dora, and Alicia: Let's review!
  • Alicia: Is a monarch butterfly orange and black or green and black?
  • (cursor clicks the orange and black butterfly)
  • Alicia: Orange and black, correcto.
  • Dora: Does a monarch butterfly come out of a sleeping bag or a cocoon?
  • (cursor clicks the cocoon)
  • Dora: Cocoon, right.
  • Diego: Does a monarch butterfly eat hamburgers or flower nectar?
  • (cursor clicks flower nectar)
  • Diego: Flower nectar, excellente!
  • Alicia: Hey, we've almost finished the puzzle. Are crows afraid of a monarch butterfly's wings or proboscis?
  • (cursor clicks the butterfly's wings)
  • Alicia: Wings, correcto.
  • Diego: Their wings are poisonous to the crow. Hey, we've finished the puzzle, that's a picture of a monarch butterfly.
  • Alicia: Let's put this picture of a monarch butterfly in our animal science book with all the other butterflies. We've learned so much about monarch butterflies today.
  • Diego: And there's so much more for us to discover.
  • Diego, Dora, and Alicia: Together!
  • Diego: ¡Hasta luego, amigos!
  • Dora and Alicia: See you soon!