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Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival
Dora and Diego and Baby Monarch
Airdate Tuesday, August 26, 2008 (DVD)
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 (Nickelodeon)
Monday, June 13, 2011 (Nick Jr.)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 10:00am
Season 3
Episode 17 (aired)
7 (produced)
Written by Luisa Dantas
Storyboard by:
Carol Datuin
Curt Walstead
Directed by Allan Jacobsen
Henry Lenardin-Madden
Previous The Great Polar Bear Rescue (Season 3)
Puffin Fish Adventure (airing order)
Super Flying Squirrel to the Rescue (production order)
Next Egyptian Camel Adventure (Season 3)
Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue (airing order)
Diego and Dora Save the Giant Tortoises (production order)

Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival is the 17th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 3.

In production order, it's the 7th episode of Season 3.



It's time for the Monarch Butterfly Festival, but Diego, Dora, and the viewer first need to help a baby monarch butterfly who is scared to leave her cocoon on the Snowy Mountain.


Diego, his family, and Baby Jaguar are all at the Monarch Butterfly Festival. Diego is waiting for all the monarchs to arrive for the winter, while Alicia is using a butterfly calculator to count them. Just then, Diego gets a call from Dora telling him that a baby monarch won't come out of her cocoon. Diego transforms Rescue Pack into a supersonic hang glider and counts down from five. ¡Al rescate!

Diego and Dora are at the Snowy Mountain. The caterpillar turns into a monarch butterfly! Baby Monarch's wings are wet, but Dora and Diego helped her to dry them off. Dora and Diego had to check map for directions on how to get to the Monarch Butterfly Festival so they asked Map for help, just like they did in Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue and Save the Giant Tortoises. Map says that first they need to go through the cactus desert, then go through the swamp, and soon Dora and Diego will get to the Monarch Butterfly Festival. Diego and Dora sing the "Fly, Fly, Fly" song. Baby Monarch sees the other butterflies, but they're going the wrong way. Diego has to check his butterfly book to look for the monarch butterfly. Dora pulls out her megaphone to call out to Baby Monarch that she is going the wrong way. Baby Monarch waves goodbye to the queen butterflies. Diego, Dora, and Baby Monarch arrive at the desert and they transform into regular clothes now. Baby Monarch is getting a little tired and hungry and she's falling on a prickly cactus. Backpack says to catch something. Backpack will need a net to catch the butterfly. Baby Monarch drinks flower nectar. Diego, Dora, and Baby Monarch are at the swamp. Monarch butterflies are afraid of crows. Baby Monarch has to flap her wings to get to the Butterfly Festival. Diego and the family are at the Butterfly Festival, watching the fireworks. This is the best monarch butterfly festival ever!

Rescue Pack transformations[]

  • Ice skates
  • Boat
  • Hang glider

Places in this episode[]

  1. Cactus Desert
  2. Swamp
  3. Butterfly Festival


Items in Backpack (Clockwise starting from the top right)[]

  • Beach ball
  • Net (correct item)
  • Hammer
  • Juice box
  • Rubber duck


Monarch Butterfly Facts[]

  • Monarch butterflies are a hint of black, and they're mainly orange, not green.
  • Monarch butterflies come out of cocoons, not sleeping bags.
  • Monarch butterflies eat flower nectar, not hamburgers.
  • Monarch butterflies scare away crows with their wings, not their proboscises.

Animal Puzzle with Questions[]

  • Is a monarch butterfly orange and black or green and black?
  • Does a monarch butterfly come out of a sleeping bag or a cocoon?
  • Does a monarch butterfly eat hamburgers or flower nectar?
  • Are crows afraid of a monarch butterfly's wings, or proboscis?


  • This is the first episode since the Dora the Explorer episode, "León, the Circus Lion" (or "Click!" in its production order), and the first Go, Diego, Go! episode where Map sings his Seasons 1-2 version of I'm the Map. However, unlike Season 1-2, at the beginning stanza, there are the first seven notes of the song and he sings it normally, and he does not say "So you tell Dora". He still says "So remember", just like from the Season 2 episode "Whose Birthday is It?" and Season 3 onwards of Dora the Explorer.
  • Map's dancing is recycled from Season 2 of the main show, from the following episodes:
  • This is the last episode, in airing order, to feature the original cast.
  • Click, Boots, Swiper, the Fiesta Trio, and the Bobo Brothers don't appear in this episode.
    • Additionally, the Fiesta Trio does not sing with Map (because Map sang his song in the Legacy version which never features them) nor play their fanfare after passing the desert and the swamp.
  • The blue cursor appeared during the first and only Picture Pop-Up and the Backpack scene.
  • This is the fifth time that Dora appears within the Go, Diego, Go! series and the fourth time without Boots.
  • This episode was released on DVD on August 26, 2008 and premiered on Nickelodeon a year and three months later on November 25, 2009.
  • A fireworks sound effect is heard when they complete their rescue.
  • Diego doesn't say, "Excelente" during the animal end song in this episode. He instead says, "Yay".
  • After finishing the puzzle in "Let's Review!", Diego doesn't say, "We solved the puzzle," he instead says, "We finished the puzzle."
  • This is the second Go, Diego, Go! episode that Dora uses the picture pop-up sequence from the main show, after Save the Giant Tortoises.
    • However, in production order, it's the other way around.
  • This is the first and only Go, Diego, Go! episode in which Dora uses Backpack and Map together in the same episode.
  • Although Dora and Diego are traveling with each other in this episode, they don't sing the Travel Song like they did in "Dora and Diego to the Rescue!" from the original series because it is not meant for the spin-off series, which already has its own travel songs.
  • Dora and Alicia say, "See you soon!" in a unison at the end.
  • Although it premiered in 2008 (on DVD), 2009 (on Nickelodeon), and 2011 (on Nick Jr.), it was actually made in 2007 according to the credits.
    • This explains why Dora is voiced by Kathleen Herles in this episode and not Caitlin Sanchez.
  • The credits in this episode uses the Nick Jr. Productions Puddle logo at the end of this episode, meaning this episode took place before the rebrand on September 28, 2009, thus it didn't use the Nickelodeon Productions logo of the rebrand, not even the Nickelodeon lightbulb logo from 2008, which was still being used at the time.
  • This episode premiered on Nick Jr the same day as Big Sister Dora.
  • In TV airing order, this is Dora's, along with Map, and Backpack's, last appearance in the spin-off show (unless one counts Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish! and To Babysit a Bobo, where she, respectively, appears in a flashback during the Let's Review! scene and is shown from a picture of her with her siblings).
  • Backpack's dancing animation is recycled from Dora's Dance to the Rescue.
  • This is the last episode of Go, Diego, Go! to premiere in 2009, as well as the 2000s decade.


  • When Dora took her sweater off at the desert, it went into Backpack, so it is unknown how her sweater was not one of the items during her segment.
    • This could be that Backpack hid it somewhere inside her.
    • Dora and Diego actually said "Ma!" instead of "Map!" indicating the 'P' was missing.

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