Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale
Airdate September 9, 2005
Season 1
Episode 4
Written by Valerie Walsh
Chris Gifford
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Next Journey to Jaguar Mountain

Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale is the 4th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from season 1.

Characters present


Oh, no! A baby Humpback Whale is stuck on the beach and can't get home to his mommy. Diego will need to catch a big wave to get the baby whale to his family.


Diego notices that a baby humpback whale is beached on a rocky island and cannot get back into the ocean. Diego sets off to save the humpback whale, running through a rainforest obstacle course, then swims with Tuga and they get past the jellyfish and sharks. When Diego reaches the baby humpback whale, he leads the other humpback whales to make really big waves to lift the beached humpback whale into the ocean and back to his mother.

Animal Sound of the Humpback Whales



  • This was meant to be a pilot episode of the spinoff show.
  • This is the last episode they're going in 0.5'x speed.
  • This episode introduces Diego's parents, who are also Dora's aunt and uncle.
  • There are some noticeable differences in this episode compared to the every other episode of the series:
    • Diego starts the episode without his Rescue Pack. He gets it when he's about to leave the Rescue Center.
    • The background around Click the Camera looks very old.
    • The computer Alicia uses in the episode looks way different.
    • The Rescue Center makes a little changes.
    • Diego's zipline is orange instead of brown.
    • Diego ziplines super duper fast.
    • Diego's rescue pack made some slight changes.
    • Although Diego's vest does turn into a lifejacket, it turns orange instead of staying white.
    • The humpback whale song at the end being is not in the key of E Major, it's instead in the key of F major.
    • When Diego was looking for Tuga, an orange cursor appeared. This may hint that the show was going to have a similar computer concept to Dora the Explorer.
    • At the end of the episode, the picture of the humpback whale doesn't get printed out nor does it go in the animal science book. They did say they can print it out and put it in the animal science book, though, so they may have done it after the end of this episode.
  • The Puma animation is recycled from Chinta the Baby Chinchilla.



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