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Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue
Airdate Monday, September 18, 2006 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 (VHS and DVD)
Friday, April 9, 2010 (Nick Jr.)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 9:30am
Season 1
Episode 17 (airing)
12 (production)
Written by Valerie Walsh
Storyboard by:
Butch Datuin
Miyuki Hoshikawa
Enrique May
Directed by George Chialtas
Kuni Tomita (storyboard)
Previous Save the Sea Turtles (airing order)
Chito and Rita the Spectacled Bears (production order)
Next Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue (airing order)
Cool Water for Ana the Anaconda (production order)

Diego Saves Baby River Dolphin (TV airing order)

Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue is the 17th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 1.

In production order, it's the 12th episode of Season 1.



Where is Mommy Maned Wolf's littlest wolf pup? It's up to Animal Rescuer Diego, cousin Dora, and you to bring the littlest wolf pup back to the Animal Rescue Center!


A mother maned wolf has just had five wolf pups at the Rescue Center, but when Diego, Alicia, and Dora count the wolf pups, they noticed that one of them has wandered off. Diego and Dora use Click to locate the missing wolf pup, lost in the prickers and thorns. With Rescue Pack and Backpack to help them, Diego and Dora work together to find the small wolf pup, tracking maned wolf footprints, rescuing some pygmy marmosets, riding down a river and rescuing an otter, and crossing through the bushes with prickers and thorns to find him. Diego and Dora, reunite the little wolf pup with his Mommy and 4 wolf pup brothers and sisters.

Animal Sound of the Maned Wolf Pup[]


Animals found by Click[]

Note: Animal in bold is the correct one.

  • Harpy eagle
  • Chinchilla
  • Baby Maned Wolf

Rescue Pack transformations[]

Note: The item in bold is the correct one.

  • Go-cart
  • Raft

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)[]

Note: All items are in pairs (except the lifejacket)

  • Ice Skates
  • Forks
  • Oars (Correct items for Diego and Dora)
  • Lifejacket (Correct item for Dora)


Facts about maned wolf learned[]

  • Maned wolves have big ears to help them hear really well, not little ears.
  • Maned wolves have long legs, not flippers like most marine mammals.
  • Maned wolves are good runners. They cannot ice skate.
  • Maned wolves make wolf prints, not cupcakes.

Animal Puzzles with Questions[]

  1. Does a maned wolf have big ears or little ears?
  2. Does a maned wolf have long legs or flippers?
  3. Does a maned wolf like to ice-skate or run?
  4. Does a maned wolf make wolf prints or cupcakes?



This is a screenshot from the game with the Bobos.

  • Actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa and her son, Michael Consuelos, guest star as Mommy Maned Wolf and two of her pups. They will reappear in Diego the Hero.
    • Additionally, Kelly Ripa was listed alongside Rosie Perez in the end credits.
  • Dora does not ask Map for directions in this episode. Instead, she and Diego use Click the Camera.
  • This is not only the first Go, Diego, Go! episode where Dora zip lines with Diego, but also the first episode where she sings the Al Rescate song. The lyrics were also changed to a variant where the animals cheer for Dora.
  • This is the first and only episode where Dora and Diego use Backpack and Rescue Pack together at the same time.
    • Also, this is the only time Rescue Pack asks the viewer to say "Backpack!" for her turn instead of telling Diego he needs a raft.
  • This is the last episode going in 1x speed.
  • This is the fifth time in general in which the life jackets had to be gotten out of Backpack instead of them already being in the boat after ¡Rápido, Tico!, Super Map!, Whose Birthday is It?, and Dora and Diego to the Rescue! in the main show.
  • This is the second (first in production order) episode in which Diego returns to where he started from after finishing the rescue, the first being A Blue Morpho Butterfly is Born.
  • Elements of this episode's plot would later be adopted into the 2010 sequel Diego's International Rescue League.
    • Both episodes have the same opening song, albeit with different lyrics.
    • Both episodes more or less involve maned wolves.
    • In this episode, Alicia cheered for Diego and Dora saying "Go, Animal Rescuers, Go!". In the said episode this is shortened to "Go, Rescuers, Go!" as the team cheer for Diego and his teammates (i.e., Yang, Juma, Shanti, Burgin).
  • Starting with the final scene of this episode, Dora becomes a World Animal Rescuer.
  • Dora does not say, "We found out" when mentioning that they found out so much about the animal of the episode, she instead says, "We learned". This also happens in Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue.
  • When Diego says, "¡Activate!", the audio is taken from Pepito's Penguin School.
  • The baby maned wolf is trapped in the Forest of Prickers and Thorns, which will later appear in the March 2010 episode Swiper the Explorer of the main show.
  • When Click says, "Yes!", the audio is taken from Rescue of the Red-Eyed Tree Frogs!.
  • Backpack dancing animation is recycled from Season 2 of the main show.
    • Additionally, when she says, "Yum-yum-yum! ¡Delicioso!", the audio is taken from Super Map!.
  • Although it premiered in 2006 on Nickelodeon and on DVD and 2010 on Nick Jr., it was actually made in 2005 according to the credits.


  • Dora wasn't seen when Diego said, "What do maned wolves do?" and when he and Alicia said "Let's review!"
    • This might possibly be due to an oversight.
  • In one scene of this episode, Diego's badge on his vest is missing.
  • Backpack only has one of her side pockets throughout the episode, but is seen with both during her song. As soon as she sings "Yeah!", it disappears again.
    • This was because Backpack's animation was recycled from previous Season 4 episodes of main show, which were before she lost one of the side pockets.
  • Diego appears to be holding the field journal upside down.
  • Backpack is said as "Bev Pack" in the closed captioning.
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