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Diego's Orangutan Rescue
Airdate Tuesday, September 29, 2009 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 (DVD)
Monday, June 20, 2011 (Nick Jr.)
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Season 4
Episode 2 (aired)
3 (produced)
Written by Juan Carlos Perez
Storyboard by:
Bismarck "Butch" Datuin
Allan Jacobsen
Directed by Henry Lenardin-Madden
Previous Diego Reunites Hippo and Oxpecker
Next Where is Okapi's Brother?

Diego's Orangutan Rescue is the 2nd episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 4.

In production order, it is the 3rd episode of Season 4.

Characters present[]


Diego visits his friend, Burgin, at his Orangutan Reserve in Borneo. Everyone's playing when suddenly, Baby Orangutan gets into Diego's canoe and accidentally floats away! Diego needs the viewer's help to rescue him!

Animal Sound of the Orangutans[]


Orangutan Facts[]

  • Orangutan have orange fur that helps them hide in the trees, not purple fur, because if their fur were purple instead of orange, they would be called "Purplutans". That’s weird.
  • Orangutans move safely through the forest by swinging through trees, not skipping across daisies like in a childhood scene.
  • Orangutans eat fruit (such as durians), not jellyfish, because they can sting you, causing death.

Episode Events[]

  • Diego brought the orangutans to a place with lots of fruit trees, not lots of fish.



  • Starting with this episode, Rescue Pack is now voiced by Kyle Brenn instead of Keeler Sandhaus.
  • This is the first episode where Matt Hunter provides Diego's singing voice.
  • This episode introduces Burgin, who would appear again in Diego's International Rescue League.
  • During the Al Rescate song, Diego doesn't clap his hands, he instead swings from the trees. Also, tree-swinging replaces zip-lining during the song for the episode's song.
  • Alicia doesn't appear in this episode, not even during the "Let's Review!" segment.
  • This episode premiered on Nick Jr. exactly one year after Welcome Home, Lion Cub!, as well Catch the Babies (from the main show).
  • When Click says, "No!" the audio is taken from An Underwater Mystery.

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