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[Diego, Alicia, Dora and Baby Jaguar are visiting a museum]

Diego: Hola, I'm Diego. And this is my sister Alicia.

Alicia: Hi! And this is our cousin,.

Dora: Dora! ¡Hola! And this is...

Baby Jaguar: Baby Jaguar! Mreow, mreow!

(All giggling)

Diego: This is our first time at a Dinosaur Museum!

All: We love dinosaurs!

Baby Jaguar: Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Do you like dinosaurs? Me too! And Alicia really loves dinosaurs!

Dora: She's a dinosaur expert.

Baby Jaguar: Tell us about the dinosaurs, Alicia!

Alicia: Dinosaurs lived a long, long, long time ago, even before there were people around.

Diego and Dora: Whoa!

Alicia: Some dinosaurs were super big, and had really long necks. Do you see the dinosaur with a really long neck?

[Brachiosaurus skeleton lights up]

Diego: Yeah, that one!

Alicia: Right! That's called a Brachiosaurus.

Baby Jaguar: Wow! Look how big he is!

Alicia: And some dinosaurs were really small. Which is the really small dinosaur?

[Microraptor skeleton lights up]

Dora: Yeah, that one.

Alicia: Si, that's a Microraptor. It's so small, it could fit in Dora's backpack.

Dora: Wow, that is small.

Alicia: Do you know what kind of dinosaur this is?

Diego, Dora and Baby Jaguar: A T-Rex!

Alicia: That's right! The T-Rex was one of the fiercest dinosaurs ever known.

[Baby Jaguar takes one look at the T-Rex and runs away; he spots one particular dinosaur]

Baby Jaguar: Alicia, what kind of dinosaur is this one?

Alicia: This is called a Maiasaura. Can you say "Maiasaura"? Say, "Maiasaura". Great!

Diego: Hey, Alicia. What do you think happened to this Maiasaura?

Alicia: We think that this was a very brave Maiasaura...

[Changes to the story]

Alicia: (narrating) ...Who was the big sister in a happy family that traveled together.

Maia: Come, my little Maiasauras! Follow me!

Little Maiasauras: We're coming, Maia!

Alicia: (narrating)The Maiasauras were looking for a place to lay their dinosaur eggs, so they would be safe from the Troodan dinosaurs. Maiasauras are afraid of Troodans.

Maia: (sniffs) I smell Troodan dinosaurs! (gasps) There they are! Little Maiasauras, go catch up with Mami! I'll build a big wall to keep the Troodans away and meet you later!

Little Maiasauras: Thanks, Maia! Gracias!

Alicia: (narrating) Maia needs to build a wall with a giant rock, so the Troodans can't get by. But the rock is really heavy! Will you help Maia lift the rock? Great! Are you strong? Really, really strong? Great! Put your hands out in front of you and lift the giant rock! Lift, lift, lift!!!

[She puts the rock in place; the Troodans can't climb over]

Alicia: (narrating) Good lifting! And the Troodans couldn't get by. And all the Maiasauras were safe. Maia went down the path to go meet her family. But then, a big storm came! It rained so hard, that it washed away the footprints! Maia was lost and couldn't find her family!

[Goes back to the museum]

Diego: We've gotta help Maia the Maiasaura find her family!

Dora, Alicia and Baby Jaguar: Yeah!

Diego: It will be our biggest adventure ever! But we can do it, because... I'm an animal rescuer!

Alicia: I'm an animal scientist! And I know a lot about dinosaurs!

Dora: I'm an explorer. I've traveled all over the world.

Baby Jaguar: And don't forget about me! Mreow, mreow! I'm a jaguar! And I can growl really loud if we need it!

All: Yay!

Diego: Now we're ready to go help Maia the Maiasaura! But there's one person we need on our trip...

All: You!

Diego: Will you help Maia the Maiasaura find her family? Great! We all need to jump back to the time of the dinosaurs! We have to stand up to jump back to the time of the dinosaurs. Stand up, stand up!

Alicia: Stand up, please!

Dora: Stand up!

Diego: Now get ready to do a super jump! And... JUMP!!!

[They magically jump back in time]

Diego: Wow! We're back in the time of dinosaurs! Cool!

All: Roar!!! Roar!!!

Diego: Look! I see a flower tall as a tree

Baby Jaguar: And lots of giant carnivores.

Dora: It's cool.

Diego: It's hip.

All: To take a little trip to the time of the dinosaurs

Diego: This is so amazing!

Alicia: Yeah!

Diego and Baby Jaguar: You won't believe your eyes, and don't be too surprised

Diego and Alicia: If you should hear some friendly roars

Dinosaurs: Roar, roar, roar!

Baby Jaguar: Is that the way to say, "Hey, wanna play?"

All: In the time of the dinosaurs? Oh, goodness gracious, we're back in the Cretaceous, a hundred twenty million years ago!

Diego: Look, there's a Gorgosaurus!

All: I think he's heading for us!

Gorgosaurus: Just wanted to come up and say hello!

Other dinosaurs: Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

All: If you should come upon a tired Iguanodon, let's wake him up before he snores!

Dora: Or else that sound.

Baby Jaguar: Might pound a hole in the ground!

Diego: Well, Dino Land is the coolest place I have found!

Dinosaur: We're glad you're here!

Other dinosaurs: Yeah, thanks for coming 'round!

All dinosaurs: To the time, to the time of the dinosaurs!

Diego: Yeah. Now we can help Maia the Maiasaura get back to her family. But I don't see Maia.

Baby Jaguar: Hey, where'd she go?

Dora: Look. There are dinosaur footprints on the ground.

Diego: Louder!

Rescue Pack: Yo! Rescue pack here.