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Diego's Dinosaur Adventure is a 2006 downloadable game from the Nick Arcade, created for Go, Diego, Go!. It was also released in an abridged Flash game format on


Games (Dinosaur adventures)[]

At the start of the game, only one adventure is open. Unlock the other adventures by playing one of the older adventures at least once.

  • Dino Dash (Full version only)
  • Helicopter Rescue (3-level game; timed challenge)
  • Microraptor Adventure (Full version only)
  • Baby Dino Grow-Up (3-level game)
  • Journey to Egg Island (5-level game)

At the end of each adventure, a cutscene will play showing Diego excavating a dinosaur bone, which can be reviewed in the player's field journal. Diego will let the player know if there are still some bones left to collect or if they found all the bones for a particular dinosaur.

Field Journal[]

  • Dinosaur bones: Reviews the dinosaur bones the player has collected.
  • Color Your Dinosaur: Opens an onscreen coloring book of the dinosaur being viewed. Becomes unlocked once all of a dinosaur's bones have been discovered.
  • High Scores: Keeps track.


  • When all the eggs are rescued and the time is beaten on level one, Diego says, "Let's keep going!" and when the same is done on level two, he says, "Great egg rescuing!".
  • When the time is up and all the eggs are not rescued, Diego says, "Keep going!".