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Diego's Arctic Rescue is a Go, Diego, Go! DVD featuring the episode itself from its 3rd season and two episodes for the upcoming 4th season at that time.


Special Features[]

  • Diego's Animal Adventures:
    • Diego Saves Grandpa Walrus
    • Freeing Snowy Owl
    • Icy River Rescue


  • All the episodes are all premiered on DVD before it premiered on TV. The first one aired just three days after the release.
  • The prototype cover would've made this the first Go, Diego, Go! DVD to not have the show's logo on it, but the actual cover does have it. The first one to not have the show's logo on it would be Diego's Ultimate Rescue League.
  • This DVD contains some special features featuring Diego on some animal adventures, helping a walrus, freeing Snowy Owl, and helping some animals get out of the ice flow.
  • The Bobo Brothers do not appear in any of the episodes on this DVD.