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[Dance music playing]

Dora: Bienvenidos, amigos!

Naiya, Alana, Emma, Kate: Hola!

Dora: Clap with us!

(All clapping)

Dora: Hola, hola, hola!

Dora and Alana: Bienvenidos!

All: We're so very happy to see you.

Dora: Soy Dora, and I'm with my friends! We're all getting ready for the dance party! Do you like to dance? Great!

Alana: Yeah!

Naiya: All right!

Emma: Tonight's the big dance party.

Kate: And all the money we collect from the party is going to the new dance school in town.

Dora: Emma's written a song inviting people to dance. Vamos a bailar!

Emma: And Dora came up with a new dance.

Alana: And she's trying to teach it to me, but I can't get it!

Kate: You'll get it! ...Probably.

(Alana and Kate giggling)

Dora, Alana, Kate: Helping out in the city, doing what we can. We do our best with help from you.

All: So, hola, hola, hola! Hola, hola, hola! Bienvenidos, yeah! Pablo!

[Pablo arrives with his soccer ball]

Pablo: Hey, guys!

Alana: Oye, Pablo, what's with the soccer ball?

Emma: And how come you're not dressed for the dance?

Pablo: Not coming.

Dora: Oh, come on, Pablo!

Naiya: He probably doesn't know how to dance.

Pablo: No, that's not it!

Alana: Dora can teach you! She's been teaching me.

Pablo: No, I can dance.

Dora: It's all right, Pablo. Lots of people can't dance.

Pablo: No, you don't understand! I know how to dance!

Alana: Sure!

Pablo: Okay, watch. Naiya, tócame algo!

[Music plays as Pablo dances]

Alana: Whoa, Pablo! Where'd you learn to dance like that?

Pablo: Con mi familia.

[Salsa music plays]

Pablo: My mami y mi papi love to dance, my sister and my brother do, too. Mis primos y mis tíos love to dance, peo lo siento, I don't like to! But when they see the moves I've got, they'll say, "Hey!"

Explorer Girls: He can dance!

Pablo: But I'd just rather not. I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance, dance!

Pablo: No, I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance, dance!

Pablo: I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance, dance!

Pablo: No, I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance! Por que, Pablo? Why?

Pablo: Who knows, it just might be, dancing always came too easily.

Naiya: Really?

Pablo: Really! I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance, dance!

Pablo: No, I don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance, dance, dance!

Pablo: I really don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Dance!

Pablo: I really, really, really, really, really, really don't like to dance!

Explorer Girls: Don't like to dance!

Pablo: No!

Emma: I'm getting the feeling that Pablo doesn't like to dance.

Naiya: Really?

(Naiya and Emma giggling)

Dora: But Pablo, won't you at least come to the dance? It's for the new dance school.

Pablo: Nah. Mi pelota!

Alana: Okay, you can have it back. If you do one more thing.

Pablo: What?

Alana: Help me learn this dance.

Pablo: Okay, okay! Show me your dance, Dora.

Dora: It's basically Salsa, but with a little Mambo.

Pablo: Ha, you got a little Samba in there, too! Nice, D! Got it! Okay, Emma!

Emma: When the music plays, there are so many ways to move to the rhythm and follow the beat.

Naiya: You can Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, or Samba, start out by moving your feet.

Emma and Naiya: Shake your hips, twist and turn, move your arms and soon you'll learn...

All: How to dance, dance, dance! Vamos a bailar! Dance, dance, dance, whoever you are! Come on, dance, dance, dance! Vamos a bailar! Aprendiendo todos juntos, it won't take you long. Just listen to the beat and move to the rhythm of the song. Come on, dance, dance, dance! Vamos a bailar! Vamos, vamos, vamos a bailar! Vamos, vamos, vamos! Vamos a bailar!

Celia: Vamos a bailar!

[Suddenly, Dora, Pablo, and Alana are transported somewhere]

Dora: Whoa!

Pablo: What's going on?

Alana: Donde estamos?

Celia: Whoa, where did you come from?

Dora: We were at the Arco Iris Café getting ready for our dance party.

Alana: We're raising money to help a new dance school in town.

Pablo: An all of a sudden, we were here -- whatever here is.

Celia: You're in Baila. It's a wonderful town filled with very good people. I'm Celia, and I think maybe you're here to help me.

Dora: Soy Dora, and this is Pablo and Alana. Help you do what?

Celia: Learn to dance.

Pablo: Wait, your town is called "Baila", as in "Dance"?

Celia: Yes, and that's one of the best things about the people here. They love to dance and so do I. The people here in Baila, they love to dance. They'll be moving every time you give them a chance.