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Dance Like a Fish is one of the dances from the dance competition, as well as a song from the special Dora's Dance to the Rescue.

Characters Singing[]

  • Dora (only character singing this song)


Make a fish face and flap your flippers, flap your flippers, you’re dancing like a fish! (2x)


  • This is the second out of the three dances that everyone in the castle had to do in order to win the dance competition and to earn the special prize (the one big wish to get Swiper free out of the magic bottle). The first one is Ants In Your Pants, and the third and final one is the Everyone Can Dance song (this is the song that they had to do to get the King's Mommy to dance).
  • Dora is the only character singing during the dance. Everyone else just dances. This also applies to the first dance.
    • However, during the third dance, everyone sings and dances, including Dora.