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Dance-Along Musical Adventure is a Dora the Explorer themed installment for the Bella Dancerella series of dancing videos. It is a "dance-along" retelling of "Dora's Dance to the Rescue", along with clips of older Dora episodes as well.


Join a musical adventure with Dora and Friends! Follow along with Dora while she takes you through her world. Learn fun dances and silly songs! Featuring authentic Dora music and animation!


Includes a set of Maracas, a Dora outfit, Adventure mat and DVD, plus a Bonus CD.

Featured Dancers[]

  • Cinderella Adams
  • Dulicenea Caroll
  • Annika Foo
  • Kate Huggins
  • Del DeLois

Clips From[]

Songs Featured (in order of appearance)[]


  • The dance kit comes with a child's Dora costume and matching maracas for the child to use when prompted.
  • The dance mat features pictures based on the locations Dora visited in "Dora's Dance to the Rescue", with the exception of the lower right corner which includes a beach.
  • The dance-along DVD leaves out the framing device where Dora recalls the special in flashback.


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