Daisy Márquez
Daisy Marquez
Name Daisy Márquez
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Pediatrician receptionist
Interests Playing soccer
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance Dora Saves the Game
Last Appearance Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Friends Boots
Enemies Swiper
Voiced By Dulcinea Cuprill (Dora the Explorer)
Iliana Friedson-Trujillo (Go, Diego, Go!)
Jessica Conde (Check Up Day)

Daisy Márquez is the big sister of both Alicia and Diego, and the eldest cousin of Dora, Guillermo, and Isabella. She appears in some episodes of Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go, but has more appearances in the first one, than the later.

In the October 2004 episode Daisy, La Quinceañera, she turns 15. This would make her 14 in her first appearance in the November 2003 episode Dora Saves the Game.

At some point during Go, Diego, Go! (which ran from 2005 to 2011), Diego may have stated that Daisy was in college. Depending on when this occurred, it may be a hint that she is a prodigy or it was referring to college in its definition outside of the United States (meaning High School).

Dora the Explorer Appearances

Go, Diego, Go! Appearances


Dora & Daisy both like playing soccer. Her soccer team was the Yellow Tigres or the yellow tigers. In Dora Saves the Game, Dora joined the Yellow Tigres because her cousin's soccer team didn't reach the maximum amount of players.


  • Daisy has tanned skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is very a dark shade of brown, as well. Her hair is about two or three inches above the mid of her shoulders.
  • Daisy is taller than her younger cousin Dora, younger sibling Alicia, and youngest sibling Diego.
  • She has more tanned skin and hair than her younger siblings.
  • Her eyes are brown just like Dora's eyes. Her hair is dark brown with a flower in her hair.



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