Cowgirl Dora is a VHS title from the show Dora the Explorer. It features 2 episodes from season 2. The DVD also features the same episodes from the 2nd season and 2 episodes from Season 1 as a bonus.

Episodes Featured

Face Segments (VHS)

  1. Face the Cowboy Face (short version)
  2. Face Loves Bubbles (short version)


  • This is the last DVD to have the Nick Jr. Trampoline bumper.
  • This is the not the last VHS to have the Nick Jr. Kids Opening and Closing Bumpers, these bumpers will be used one more time in Egg Hunt.
  • The Face Promo is at the middle on later versions of this VHS.
  • This is the last VHS to have Face Promos if the later versions count. If not, then Meet Diego! would be the last to do so. Unless you count Egg Hunt.
  • The later versions of the VHS was released the same day as Meet Diego!
  • The two Face Promos are on this VHS, Face The Cowboy at the beginning and Face Loves Bubbles at the middle.
  • This is the only DVD that did not have two bonus episodes from the earlier VHS.
  • The Face Loves Bubbles segment was previously seen on the 1999 VHS of Blue's Clues: "ABC's & 123's" and the 1999 VHS of Blue's Clues: "Blue's Big Pajama Party".


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