Dora the Explorer: Click and Create! is a software for the PC. It was released in the UK only in 2005.

The game

This software has many options which the player can choose.

Watch Episode

The player must click a TV to watch an episode that gave the disc its name. Somewhere in the episode, a star will pop up, and the player needs to click it to play a game.


The player needs to click a TV with a "Q" to play a quiz based on the episode from the disc.


Some Explorer Stars can make the player play games.

  • The Yellow Star lets the player play an art-related game.
  • The Green Star lets the player play a music-related game.
  • The Pink Star lets the player play a game, which randomly changes each disc.


  1. The Big Red Chicken
  2. At the Beach
  3. The Train Race
  4. Treasure Island
  5. On the Farm
  6. The Wizzle and the Wishes
  7. Surprise Party!
  8. The Bugga Bugga Bugs
  9. A Fish Out of Water!
  10. The Little Tree Frog
  11. The Magic Flute
  12. To the Treehouse
  13. The Big Storm
  14. Racing Around!
  15. The Squeaky Toy
  16. Mother’s Day
  17. Doctor Dora
  18. Circus Adventure!
  19. A Letter for Swiper
  20. Hide and Seek!
  21. Super Spies
  22. School Pet
  23. Wakey, Wakey!
  24. Robot Rescue!
  25. Meet Diego!
  26. Dino Island
  27. To the South Pole!
  28. Super Silly Fiesta!
  29. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
  30. Star Catcher!
  31. Silly Seasons
  32. Swiper the Explorer!
  33. Dora's First Adventure
  34. Star Mountain
  35. Spy Time!
  36. A Musical Adventure!
  37. Daisy's Party!
  38. Save Diego!
  39. Baby Jaguar's Roar
  40. King Juan's Crown
  41. Dora's Puppy!
  42. Big Sister Dora!
  43. Boots to the Rescue!
  44. Super Babies!
  45. We're a Team!
  46. The Shy Rainbow
  47. Baby Crab
  48. To the Rescue!

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