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Name Click
Species Camera
Gender Female
Occupation Finding the animals in trouble, zooming out to see more of the picture
Interests Finding Animals, helping Diego
Dislikes unknown
First Appearance The Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Last Appearance Fiercest Animals
Friends Diego, Alicia
Relatives Unknown
Enemies Bobo Brothers
Voiced By Rosie Perez

Click is a character from Go, Diego, Go!. She contributes to the team by helping Diego find an animal In trouble. She is the Go, Diego, Go! equivalent of the Map. Click made her first appearance in Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs.


Click is a camera that can search and take pictures of any animal in trouble. When inactive, her eyes are closed and she's motionless.

Her opening segment is little song like any other segments of characters such as Map and Backpack. Unlike Rescue Pack, she and the others don't sing with rap (except Map, who does on occasion).


Aside from the black cartoon eye pupils and blue-grey eyebrows, Click is, plain and simply, a blue-grey camera with every other feature a camera would have, like a shutter and a viewfinder. Additionally, she has a dark screen located in her center which allows her to see any animal in trouble. She is almost always seen standing on a tripod.


Click appears in many episodes of Go, Diego, Go!.  Her first appearance was in Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs, and her last appearance was in Fiercest Animals.  The first episode she is absent in is Pepito's Penguin School.

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