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Choo-Choo! is the 3rd episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1. In production order, it is the 6th episode of Season 1.

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Azul the Little Blue Train does not have a whistle, but he can win one in a big train race to the Big Yellow Station. Dora and Boots want to help Azul come in first place, but they'll need your help too to get over the mountain, through the tunnel, and past that sneaky fox, Swiper.


The episode starts with Dora and Boots at the train station to see the trains. On their visit, Dora and Boots saw a large green train coming. They loved trains so much they chugged like one and Boots said that he loved trains blowing their whistles and figured they could the Green Train blow his whistle. They said, "Choo Choo," but the Green Train didn't hear. So Dora and Boots had the Viewer help out by whistling louder and the green train heard them and he whistled happily to them. Then Dora and Boots saw a medium red train and decided to make her blow her whistle too and they said, "Choo Choo", but the Medium Red Train didn't hear either. Dora and Boots made the Viewer whistle harder and they whistled louder and the medium red train heard them and she whistled happily to them too. And then a little blue train named Azul arrived but he was chugging sadly and slowly along. Dora and Boots whistled happily but nothing happened. The red and green trains had whistles. But Azul, the blue train, did not. Val the Octopus makes an announcement through the speaker saying that there is a big train race today. She also mentions that the first train to cross the finish line at the Big Yellow Station wins a brand new whistle. Dora and Boots told Azul that this his chance to win the whistle since he didn't have one anyway but the other trains started to make fun of him. Big Green Train said, "Win a whistle. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. That's funny,". Medium Red Train agreed and she said, "That's a good one. Ha. Ha. Ha,". Dora and Boots stood up for poor Azul. But the other trains didn't care or listen. Instead, they said they doubted that Azul could win the race. Poor Azul was very sad and felt small but Dora and Boots comforted him and they volunteered to help him out and the Viewer agreed to help out too, and Azul started to have a little confidence in himself. Dora asked him if he knew how to get there but Azul the blue train did not know how to get to the Big Yellow Station. Dora and Boots ask Map for help. He says that they have to go over a big mountain and through a dark tunnel to get to the Big Yellow Station. Dora and Boots climbed on Azul the blue train. Val the Octopus calls out to all the trains to start their engines. She then said, "on your marks..., get set..., go!" and the race was started. Dora and Boots rode on Azul to the big mountain. Azul tries to trundle his way up the mountain but it was too tall and he rolled back down. Dora and Boots gave Azul some encouragement. They cheered for Azul as he trundles his way up the mountain again and rolled down the other side. After that, Dora and Boots get to the tunnel. Dora stops Azul and he asks why. Dora told him that it is dark in the tunnel and they will not be able to see where they are going. Dora checks Backpack for something they can use to see in the dark. Backpack had a flashlight, which was just the right tool to use to help them see in the dark. Dora and Boots enter the tunnel riding Azul the blue train. Once inside, their voices amplified. Suddenly, they heard another train coming in a different direction on the same track. Dora and Boots had to figure out how to stop the gray train before Azul bumps into him. Dora was about to say that they should blow their whistle but she forgot that Azul did not have a whistle. So, Dora asks the viewer to be their lookout to see another train coming. Sure enough, the Viewer saw another gray train coming in front of them. Dora and Boots had to imitate a train whistle to get the gray train to stop. They say, "choo choo" a couple of times and sure enough, the gray train stopped just in time. Azul the blue train had to go through the tunnel. So the gray train backs up while Azul went forward through the tunnel. Then, Azul took Dora and Boots out of the tunnel and the gray train switched to a different track and waits in a siding. The gray train wanted to know the reason why Azul was going so fast. Azul explains to the gray train that he was in a race to get to the Big Yellow Station and is planning to win a whistle. Azul thanked the gray train for letting him pass and then he had to get going and make it to the Big Yellow Station. Gray train was impressed and then he saw the other two trains race past them. So Dora, Boots, and Azul raced to catch up. Meanwhile, Big Green Train and Medium Red Train felt tired out after going fast. They wanted a break but they didn't want to stop since they were in a race. Azul the blue train surpasses the red and green trains. Boots tells Dora that nothing can stop them now, not even Swiper the Fox. Dora does not know because Swiper felt awfully sneaky so she decides to ask the viewer to lookout for him. Swiper was seen behind a rock. They pass him but then Swiper is seen catching up on a pump cart and goes after Dora, Boots, and Azul. Swiper detours into a siding and overtakes them. Swiper is now seen swiping the train tracks. Azul the blue train stops as Swiper tosses the train tracks out of sight and rides off. Dora and Boots climb out and had to figure out what shape the tracks were and what color they were. The tracks were square and were colored blue. Now, they counted how many train tracks Swiper swiped. There were 5 missing train tracks. Now, Dora and Boots had to figure out where they are. With the viewer's help, they find some blue squares and they also see a blue triangle and a green square. But they managed to find all the squares that were blue. They counted once more to make sure they had 5 blue train tracks that are shaped like squares and they did. After that, each train track gets put back into place one by one until all the gaps were filled up. Now that all the train tracks are put back into place, Azul carried on with the big train race. Azul was falling behind. The viewer, Dora, and Boots then cheered for Azul. The cheering was working and Azul went faster. Azul went so fast that he gets to the finish line first at the big yellow station. Azul was proud and pleased that he won the big train race. The red and green trains were in shock and thought there was a mistake. There was no mistake at all and Val the Octopus announced that the winner was Azul the blue train. Val the Octopus was about to put the new whistle on Azul the blue train when Boots warns Val about the possibility that Swiper might come and try to swipe the new whistle. Soon after, Swiper is seen peeking behind Dora and Boots and jumps off Azul's back wagon. Swiper was heading for the whistle. Dora, Boots, and Val the Octopus stop Swiper by saying, "Swiper no Swiping". Swiper gets stopped and he's saying, "Oh, Man!!" furiously and runs away. Val puts the new whistle on Azul and he gives the whistle a test to see how it works, which it did, causing the other big trains to whistle along with Azul, accept him of their redemption, and they apologize to Azul while admitting that Azul is always the fastest train there is! Azul was very pleased and then he thanked the Viewer for helping him win the race and then they had a celebration and Dora and Boots whistled with Azul one last time and they all had a good laugh. Soon after celebrating, Dora and Boots asked the viewer what his/her favorite part is. After his/her response, Dora and Boots talk about their favorite parts. Dora says that she and Boots couldn't have gotten to the Big Yellow Station without the viewer's help. She then says, "Thanks for helping!" as the episode ends.

Places in this episode[]

  1. Mountain
  2. Tunnel
  3. Big Yellow Station


  • Green station
  • The train tracks Swiper uses

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)[]

  1. Toy airplane
  2. Mittens
  3. Teacup
  4. Jack-in-the-box
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Flashlight (correct item)


This episode is released as a bonus on the DVD releases Cowgirl Dora and We're a Team!


  • This is the 3rd episode of the show (6th in production order).
  • The whistle given out at the race is gold, therefore if the red or green train won it, the whistle would most likely not look correct.
  • The voices of Benny, Isa, and Tico appeared in the end credits, but Benny and Tico, don't appear in this episode while Isa appears in the character find segment.
  • The Blue Cursor is going fast, just like in the previous episode.
  • This is the first episode of a few things:
    • The first episode to involve a race.
    • The first appearance of Azul.
    • The first episode with no dirt paths.
    • The first episode in which Dora and Boots sit in a vehicle for the majority of the episode.
    • The first episode with Dora's "Season 1, Version 3" design.
    • This is the first episode where Map doesn't say "So here's what you tell Dora...". He just says "So you tell Dora..." instead.
    • The first episode in which the chosen item in Backpack remains onscreen while the other items return to her at the end of the Backpack segment.
  • This is the second time Dora and Boots failed to stop Swiper and Swiper was stopped in the same episode after The Legend of the Big Red Chicken.
  • During the Travel Song:
    • Dora and Boots do not list the places they are going, they instead repeat "Chugga-chugga-choo-choo!" four times at warp speed in its place.
    • After asking "Where are we going?", they say the achievement Azul was going for ("to win the whistle") instead of their destination.
      • Also, this is the first episode where the Fiesta Trio don't jump to shout out the last place after Dora and Boots ask "Where are we going?" during the song. Azul says "To win the whistle." instead of the last place.
  • This is the second episode Dora gets mad and the first episode Boots gets mad when the green train and red train are making fun of the blue train Azul, Dora first got mad in Lost and Found.
    • Even though Dora and Boots get mad at the two trains laughing at Azul, Dora doesn't make an angry face when she tells them to stop making fun of Azul, only Boots makes an angry look telling them it is not nice.
  • When Dora asks the viewer what his or her favorite part was, she doesn't ask "What was your favorite part of the trip?", she instead asks "What was your favorite part of the race?".
  • This is the first episode to find Isa.
  • It is unknown how Swiper (when he appeared the second time) got to the Big Yellow Station.
  • In earlier airings of this episode, this is the first episode to air on Nickelodeon during primetime instead of airing on Nick Jr.
  • Swiper technically says "Oh, Man" in a furious way after everyone says Swiper No Swiping!. That also may scare young viewers.
    • This was the first episode Swiper was furious after failing.
    • Azul did not stop Swiper.
  • When Dora asks the viewer to check Map, Dora doesn't ask the usual question "Can you check the map and tell us how to get to the [final destination]?", she instead asks "Can you check the map and tell me what it says?".
  • This is the only episode for the Red and Green trains. Azul will appear in later episodes and Gray Train will appear again in the episode Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.
  • Boots does not introduce himself to the viewer in this episode. He first introduces himself in We All Scream for Ice Cream.
  • It is theoretically possible that Big Red Train and Huey The Big Green Train hired Swiper to swipe five of Azul The Little Blue Train's tracks so he can't win his whistle.
    • However, in real life, if they did that, that would be cheating.

Cultural Reference[]

  • The trains are very highly likely based off of the tank engines from Thomas and Friends. Coincidentally, the show aired just a mere two weeks after the release of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • iTunes and the DVD releases lists this episode as "Choo Choo". There is no dash between "Choo" and "Choo". The exclamation mark is also left out.
  • When Swiper swiped the tracks:
    • When he was first seen, it was seen that he took every other track from the middle to the right-end of the scene, though he was holding only one track piece
    • When he was seen the second time, some of the tracks came back.
    • Swiper was seen holding 3 track pieces, although he swiped 5.
  • It is unknown how Swiper got on Azul when he appeared the second time.
    • However, it is possible that he was getting on him while no one is looking.
  • After Azul enters the tunnel, Dora's face changes to her "Season 1, Version 2" look for the rest of the episode. Something like this will also occur in Beaches and Sticky Tape.

Character Find[]


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