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Cat Captain
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Name Cat Captain
Species Cat
Gender Male
Occupation Leader Of The Cranky Cats
Interests Taking over Puppy Palace, Stop the dogs' barking, Scratching, Cat naps, and Meowing
Dislikes Dogs barking when napping
First Appearance Puppy Princess Rescue
Last Appearance Puppy Princess Rescue
Friends Cranky Cats, Dora, Alana, Pablo, Kate, Naiya, Emma, Puppy Princess
Relatives None
Enemies Dora (formerly), Pablo (formerly), Alana (formerly), Puppy Princess (formerly), Kate (formerly), Emma (formerly), Naiya (formerly)
Voiced By Lewis Grosso

The Cat Captain is a character, the leader of the Cranky Cats, and was the main antagonist of Puppy Princess Rescue. He took over the Puppy Palace, locked the princess in the prison, renamed the palace the Kitty Castle, and raised the cat flag on the royal flagpole. But when the Cat Captain and the Puppy Princess talked out their problems, they agreed to be friends. They made a new flag which bared them both, arranged for the royal flagpole to be the cat's royal scratching post, and the dogs decided to try to bark only when the cats were awake. The Cat Captain's best friends are two Siamese cats who constantly fall asleep, resulting in him having to ask the dogs and humans to excuse him a moment to wake them up. The Cat Captain and his cats attempt to use a giant ball of yarn and a cat catapult to stop the humans and dogs from rescuing the princess. He also sends the group on a slide through a window. He then puts the tower key on his keying.