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Dora the Explorer™- Candy Land (PC 2007) - Full Game HD Walkthrough - No Commentary

Candy Land: Dora the Explorer Edition is a 2007 downloadable Dora the Explorer game from Nick Arcade. It is also released in an abridged Flash game format on It is based off of the 2005 Dora the Explorer edition of the board game with the same name.


Help Dora the Explorer and her fun friends, Diego, Backpack, and Boots, travel through Candy Land to a fiesta! Experience the classic enjoyment of the Candy Land board game but Dora-style with Benny's delicious candy canes, Tico's tasty peanuts, Isa's lollipops, and more.

Characters in this game[]


Players take turns flipping cards to determine movement. If one draws:

  • A colored square: Move to the first unoccupied space of that color in front of him/her.
  • Two colored squares: Move to the second unoccupied space of that color in front of him/her.
  • A picture of a candy: Move to the matching candy space on the board.
If one lands on a shortcut, he/she can advance to the space at the end of it.
Stopping on one of the three Swiper spaces causes Swiper to swipe one's next turn.
The first player to reach the fiesta wins.
The game can be played in either Explorer mode or Super Explorer mode. With Super Explorer activated, passing the candy spaces will trigger a mini-game where one has to stop and help one of Dora's friends prepare for the fiesta.


  • Fiesta Trio's Gingerbread: Help the Fiesta Trio decorate musical instrument cookies by choosing the right three decorations for it.
  • Benny's Candy Canes: Help Benny catch uppercase letter-shaped candy canes according to the matching letter called out by Dora.
  • Señor Tucán's Gumdrops: Help Señor Tucán sort gumdrops into their proper boxes.
  • Swiper's Hide and Seek: Find objects hiding in the forest called out by Dora before Swiper swipes them.
  • Tico's Peanuts: Help Tico harvest peanuts in the Nutty Forest.
  • Isa's Lollipops: Help Isa complete a pattern of lollipops in her garden.
  • Abuela's Ice Cream: Help Abuela make ice cream by picking out the ingredients called out by Dora.
  • Grumpy Old Troll's Memory Match: Solve Mr. Troll's riddle by finding matching pairs.


  • The Flash Game on has several differences from the downloadable version:
    • The sprites for Dora and Diego use the more genetic sprites from most games in the online version in the cutscenes; Dora's sprite in particular is reused from La Casa de Dora.
    • The option to continue a saved game is not in the online version.
    • Only Benny and Swiper's games are available for the online version.
    • The player can only choose up to two players for the online version; in the downloadable version, they can choose four.
    • The player cannot set up the game with different options in the online version.
  • The characters take place of each of the characters:
    • Dora, Boots, Diego, and Backpack take place of the kids.
      • Map, Baby Jaguar, Click, and Rescue Pack aren’t present.
    • The Fiesta Trio take place of Mamma Ginger Tree from the remastered version and Plumpy from the original one.
    • Benny the Bull takes place of Mr. Mint.
    • Señor Tucán takes place of Jolly.
    • Swiper the Fox takes place of Lord Licorice.
      • Swiper is the only character to have a voice.
    • Tico the Squirrel takes place of Gramma Nutt.
      • Funny enough, both characters are involved with nuts.
    • Isa the Iguana takes place of Lolly from the remastered version and Princess Lolly from the original one.
    • Abuela takes place of Princess Frostine from the remastered version and Queen Frostine from the original one.
    • The Grumpy Old Troll takes place of Gloppy.
  • Prior to Season 5 of Dora the Explorer, this is the first time Regan Mizrahi ever voiced Boots, following Harrison Chad's departure. This is also one of the few times he worked with Kathleen Herles (the original voice of Dora).
  • The letters for rounds 1 and 2 of Benny's Candy Cane Game are A through P and for round 3, the letters are Q through Z, which appear in that one.
  • For candy cards, Dora says, "…square in front of you on the path.", which will make the player go forwards. However, she says, "…square!", which will make the player go backwards.



  • Sometimes, if the player does not select a character and leaves Dora selected, they will play as Boots instead.