Caliente is a song meaning "hot" in Spanish. The song was heard in Dora's Fairytale Adventure and is about Dora trying to turn winter into spring.


In winter, ay mío
I have to keep it frío
I've frozen the río
I love it when it's frío

If you want to bring spring
Then you got to sing Caliente!
Come on everyone, let's help out the sun
¡Caliente! (2×)

¡Caliente! (8×)

Wow! It's working!

What's happening, ay mío
Are those flowers by the río
Is spring here already?
Our heads are getting sweaty

Let's sing it some more like we did before
¡Caliente! (2×)
We're helping the sun and isn't it fun
¡Caliente! (2×)

¡Caliente! (8×)

Wow! It's really working now!

I'm outta here!
Me too!
Me three!
How does that girl do it?!

Hey look!
Spring is here!

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