Busquen la Corona (or Find the Crown in English) is the opening tune from the episode Dora Saves the Mermaids.


Clam: ♪♪Deep inside the ocean wide, there was a mermaid kingdom, where everyone was happy as can be.♪♪

Mariana: Our kingdom‘s the best!

Mermaid: Yeah.

Clam: ♪♪But then a mean old octopus dumped garbage on their heads.♪♪

Mariana: ♪♪Hey, why are you dumping all that trash on me?♪♪

Garbage Octopus: because I love it!

Clam: ♪♪And Mariana found the magic crown and put it on, she made a wish and suddenly, the garbage was all gone!♪♪

Garbage Octopus: Hey! what happened?

Clam: ♪♪once again, the kingdom sparkled up into the day, the waves blew up and swept the crown away!♪♪

Mermaids: Come on, we need your help! 'cause now the octopus is back!

Mariana: ♪♪You got find the crown!♪♪

Clam: ♪♪Busquen la Corona. find the crown that makes that garbage go away! the trash is pilling up so high, the mermaids and the mermen cried.♪♪

Clam and Mermaids: ♪♪Busquen, Busquen la Corona! let's find that crown now! x2♪♪

Clam: Everybody!

Clam and Mermaids: ♪♪Find the crown! find the crown now! Busquen la Corona!♪♪

Garbage Octopus: No way!

Mermaids: ♪♪Save our town!♪♪

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