Dora and Friends Return to the Rainforest Bud the Flower meets Dora
Name Bud
Species Flower
Gender Male
Occupation Retrieving objects from Backpack
Interests Dora
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance Return to the Rainforest
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Friends Dora Márquez, Guillermo Márquez, Isabella Márquez, Backpack, Map, Boots, Benny, Tico, Kate, Naiya, Alana, Emma, Pablo, Swiper (occasionally)
Relatives Isa (Gardener/Caretaker)
Enemies Swiper (occasionally)
Voiced By John Rocco

Bud is a young flower that grew in Isa's garden and met Dora in Return to the Rainforest and following the events of the episode joins the cast of Dora and Friends: Into the City! along with Backpack.


Bud is a flower that grew up in Isa's garden, hearing stories about her friend Dora Márquez who had moved from the Rainforest to the city of Playa Verde. When Dora came back to the Rainforest to find Backpack and Map after Swiper had stolen them from Boots as he brought them to Dora. While chasing Swiper through Isa's garden after he fled from Blueberry Hill, Isa introduces Dora to a star struck Bud who had become a fan of Dora's after hearing stories about her from Isa. When asked if he would like to join them on their adventure to rescue Backpack and Map, Bud excitedly agrees. Bud, Dora, and her friends learn from Swiper that before he could hide Backpack and Map, a freak wind blew them away. Joined by Swiper the group manages to find Map, who explains he got separated from Backpack when he got blown out his pocket. They eventually learn that Backpack is caught on Tall Mountain. With Bud's help Dora manages to save Backpack, however, Backpack is torn and has to be mended by Kate. Bud end up becoming sewn into Backpack after she was repaired, however Bud didn't mind and Isa said it was okay as Bud always wanted to go on adventures with Dora. As a result, he becomes a part of Backpack's new design and helps Dora with retrieving objects stored inside Backpack.


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