Boots to the Rescue
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Airdate Saturday, November 5, 2005 (TVO Kids)
Monday, November 6, 2006 (Nick Jr.)
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 (VHS and DVD)
Season 4
Episode 22 (aired on Television)
23 (due to VHS/DVD)
Previous Due to VHS/DVD: Dora's World Adventure!
Television: Baby Jaguar's Roar
Next Due to VHS/DVD: Baby Crab
Airing on Television: Dora's World Adventure!

Boots to the Rescue is the 22nd episode aired on TV (or the 23rd shown episode, due to Dora's World Adventure being shown on VHS and DVD first) of Dora the Explorer from Season 4.



Dora has forgotten her music homework assignment, a song sheet with words and lyrics written in English and Spanish. Boots must find it in his room and hurry to school before it starts because if he doesn't, Dora will get in big trouble.


Boots starts the episode where he tells the viewer that he is learning to speak Spanish. He tells the viewer that Dora wrote a song to help Boots learn some Spanish words and what they meant in English. Boots sings out the song that Dora wrote out on a song sheet. Boots tells the viewer the Spanish words for up, down, open and close. After the song, Boots gets a phone call from Dora and she explained to Boots that she needs his help because she left her song sheet in Boots' room and if she doesn't have it by the time school starts, she will get in big trouble. So, Boots had to find Dora's song sheet right away. The viewer looks under the pillow and finds a toy garbage truck. Next, the viewer looks in the toy chest and found Squeaky the orange teddy bear and finally, the viewer looks under a rug. Sure enough, the song sheet was found. Boots picks it up and tells Dora that he will be on his way to deliver it to her at school. Boots finishes the call and immediately slides down the pole and has to figure out how to get to Dora at school. Boots saw that he has to go through the up-and-down jungle and through the robot house to get to Dora at school. Boots started walking on the path and has to find the up-and-down jungle. The jungle went up and then it went down. It comes back up and the blue cursor clicks on the jungle. After that, the jungle goes down. Boots sings out the song as he walks on the path. He says the Spanish words of "Arriba" for up and "Abajo" for down. After that, a big gust of wind starts blowing and it knocked the song sheet out of Boots' hands. Boots had to get the song sheet back. Boots thought that maybe an explorer star can help him. He remembers that Dora always says the Spanish word "estrella" for to call a star. He tries calling out "Estrella", and sure enough, Rocket Star comes along. Boots tells Rocket Star that he had to get back Dora's song sheet. It was up high in the windy sky. Rocket Star blasts off to retrieve the song sheet and whooshed it back down to Boots. After that, Boots thanked Rocket Star for his help. Rocket Star then blasts away. In no time, Boots entered the up-and-down jungle and then he sees Señor Tucán and he said "Cuidado" for watch out. Señor Tucán told Boots that he had to watch out for las arañas (spiders), las culebras (snakes), and los cocodrillos (crocodiles). Boots had to figure out if the animals that Señor Tucán mentioned to him are arriba or abajo. Boots knew those words because they were on Dora's song sheet. Boots thanked Señor Tucán for the warning and he started walking carefully through the up and down jungle. Boots sang to himself and then he heard a spider. The spider was down on the ground, so Boots swung on a vine to get past the spider. Next he heard a snake. The snake was up high and Boots had to duck down low to get past the snake. Boots was almost done getting past the up-and-down jungle. He hears the crocodile. It was down on the ground and he gets a vine and swings past it. After that, Boots successfully makes it through the up and down jungle. Boots gets a call from Dora and he told her that he just said "Arriba" and "Abajo" to get through the up-and-down jungle. Dora really needed her song sheet for school. Boots told her that he is on his way. Boots starts walking on the path and sings out the song. Boots sees Big Red Chicken. He uses the Spanish words of "abre" for open and "cierra" for close. He does a demo by opening and closing a gate. Boots sings along with Big Red Chicken. After that, Boots waves goodbye to him. Boots heard Swiper the fox. Swiper plans on swiping Dora's song sheet but Boots stopped him by saying "Swiper no swiping" 3 times. After that, Boots reached a gateway to the robot house. Boots tries to push them open but nothing worked. A robotic male voice spoke Spanish. It said "abre". Boots knew the Spanish word "abre" because it was on Dora's song sheet. Boots said "abre" to the gate and sure enough, it opened. Boots goes through but then he just remembered that he forgot to close the gate. Boots says "cierra" to the gate and it closed. Boots rides on a conveyor belt and he is put into a small container and robot arms carries him to the doorway of the robot house. A blue screen (in a female voice in Spanish) said "hola". Boots knew the word "hola" which was the Spanish word for hello. She said that to enter the robot house, he needs to say "abre" and "cierra". Boots does so. After that, he sees Roberto the robot in his robot car. He needed help in his own robot house. There was a big problem; some of the things are broken and has to get fixed. Boots hops into Roberto's robot car and puts his seatbelt on. Boots travels through the robot house and their first stop was the laundry room. The washing machine was letting out a lot of soap suds. Boots and Roberto had to open the washing machine so they can fix it. Boots asks the viewer what Spanish to use to open the washing machine. The viewer says "abre" and Roberto the robot uses his hammer and gives it a tap. Then the viewer says "cierra" to close the washing machine and all the soap suds drained away. Boots and Roberto ride in the robot car into the robot kitchen. Boots gets a bite of a pancake slice and Roberto the robot gets a drink of juice. Once they got to the robot kitchen, the toaster was popping out too many pieces of toast. They had to open the toaster so they can fix it. "Abre" was the Spanish word to use to open the toaster. Roberto tightens a loose screw with his screwdriver. Now the viewer says "cierra" to close the toaster. After fixing the washing machine and the toaster, Boots' hair and tail got all wrinkly. He gets his hair combed and his tail a brush and then he exits the robot house and told Roberto the robot goodbye. So far, Boots made it through the up-and-down and jungle and through the robot house. Boots has to get the school to give Dora her song sheet. Boots knew he had to hurry because school was about to start soon. Dora steps into the school and sits down on a chair. Dora's friends handed their song sheets to Boots' music teacher, La Maestra. She then asks Dora where her song sheet was. Dora was almost about to get in trouble. She stammers but then Boots hurries to the school and gets Dora her song sheet. She got the song sheet back and did not get in trouble. Now that Dora got her song sheet back, the entire class started singing Dora's song written on the song sheet. Everyone loved it, even Maestra!

Places in this episode

  1. Up-and-Down Jungle
  2. Robot House
  3. School


  • Big Wind
  • Robot Gate



This episode can be found on the VHS and DVD title Musical School Days and the DVD (only) titled Let's Explore: Dora's Greatest Adventures.


  • This episode and La Maestra de Música were the last two episodes to be released onto videocassette; they both appeared on "Musical School Days", the final VHS tape of the entire series as well as the final Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment videocassette.
    • Because this was the final episode on the aforementioned VHS, this was the last episode to ever see a VHS release.
      • Not only that, this is also the final episode to ever be released on a Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment videocassette tape.
  • This is the last episode to premiere in 2006.
  • Boots becomes the first character to start the episode.
  • Boots speaks some Spanish all by himself on his adventure, albeit only "Arriba (up)", "Abajo (down)", "Abre (open)" and "Cierra (close)".
  • This is the third episode in which Dora explains her favorite part first and then Boots explained his favorite part after that, first being Sticky Tape and second being Call Me Mr. Riddles.
  • Rocket Star is only saying "Blast off!".
  • This is the 12th episode where Backpack is not used at all, simply because Boots does not have her. However, Boots has his own blue backpack, but it is not anthropomorphic, meaning that it can't speak or move. It is just a normal backpack.
  • This is the last episode featuring Isa's old voice actress Ashley Fleming. She will be voiced by Lenique Vincent on Seasons 5-6. However, Isa will appear once more in Baby Crab, but she makes a cameo.
  • This is one of few episodes where Boots has multiple favorite parts.
  • This is the second episode where Boots stops Swiper alone, the first being Best Friends.
  • This is the last episode featuring the Explorer Stars within an episode (excluding the theme song).
  • This is the 98th episode of the show aired on TV, or the 99th overall episode due to Dora's World Adventure! being shown on home media first.
  • The I Speak Spanish and English song is a calypso song.
  • This is the the sixth instance in which Benny and Isa spoke Spanish. The entire class including them were singing the lines "Arriba, up, abajo, down, abre open, cierra close" from the I Speak Spanish and English song.
    • Speaking of the song, Tico also sang with English lyrics.
  • When Boots tells Dora about him speaking Spanish throughout the whole adventure, Dora's laugh is taken from Dora's First Trip.
  • Boots does not ask for the help of Map to find his way, simply because Boots does not have him, nor Backpack in his possession.
    • Not only that, he also does not use the picture pop-up sequence like Dora always does, not even when he travels alone without Dora for the first time.
    • Boots does do a Map segment of his own, though. However, after he explained how to get to the school, he does not repeat the places he has to go like Map always does. Instead, he immediately starts looking for the Up-and-Down Jungle.
  • This is the only episode in which Dora does not play a major role nor appear as the first character to start the show. She does not introduce herself to the viewer either, it is also the only episode she does not travel anywhere. However, if she did appear as the first character, the episode would most likely begin with her at school, except she still would not be traveling anywhere. It is also the only episode in which Boots gets to host instead of Dora.
  • This is the only episode (excluding Best Friends) where Boots travels on his own without Dora.
  • Boots not only talks about his favorite part of the trip before Dora talks about hers. He also asks the viewer, "What was your favorite part of the trip?" and also says "I like that too," which is exactly what Dora says in every episode.
  • This is the last episode to find the Grumpy Old Troll.
  • As Boots is looking for Dora's song sheet, Squeaky from the Season 2 episode "Lost Squeaky" is seen, but he referred as a teddy bear instead of a squeaky toy. It is possible that Boots has a teddy bear that looks identical to his squeaky bath toy.
  • Boots does not sing the Travel Song in this episode alone without Dora, he instead sings "I Speak Spanish and English" that she wrote, he is not supposed to sing it anyway because Dora wants him to sing her song so that he can learn Spanish like her. Besides, the Travel Song is initially meant for both of them to sing together when they are traveling with each other.
  • The Blue Cursor does not click on Dora at the end of the episode. Instead, it clicks on Boots.
  • Dora was almost going to get in trouble at school for forgetting her song at Boots' house but if it has not been for Boots rushing to school right away to return it to her by saving her life, then she would not even think about getting in trouble.
  • Although Rocket Star is featured in this episode, his mini-game was not featured in the credits like it was in Meet Diego! and Best Friends. Instead, the Character Find is still featured at the end during the end credits.
  • Although this episode premiered in 2005 (TVO Kids) and 2006 (Nick Jr.), it was actually made in 2003 according to the credits.
  • The classroom in Dora's School is the same one from La Maestra de Música.
  • It is revealed that Roberto the Robot lives in his own robot house.
  • This episode premiered on TVO Kids exactly 3 years after Click! premiered on Nick Jr.
  • This is the last episode where Diego has his original outfit.
  • When this episode premiered on Nick Jr, it uses the "Nick Jr NEW" screen bug from 2003-2004 (transparent) instead of the "new!" screen bug on the bottom left for a few seconds and then the Nick Jr. frogs screen bug appears on the bottom right. The opaque version of the Nick Jr. NEW screen bug is used during the premiere of all of the Season 3 episodes (except Dora Had a Little Lamb, which premiered in August 2003 and the logo was introduced in September 2003), the restored version of Whose Birthday is It? when it aired on June 14, 2004, and the premiere of the first two episodes of Season 4 (Dora's Fairytale Adventure and Daisy, La Quinceañera). The screen bug would, similar to the the "new!" screen bug from 2004-2007, would appear on the bottom right for about 30 seconds and then disappear. A few seconds after that, a normal Nick Jr screen bug shows up for the rest of the episode. However the "new!" screen bug would appear at the bottom left.

    This is the bug used during the premiere (except it was transparent).


  • It is unknown how and why Dora brought her phone to school. In real life, some schools (mainly schools for younger kids) do not allow students to bring their cell phones with them to the building and/or in classes (although here it does not apply due to cartoon logic).
  • When the Fiesta Trio play their fanfare music after Boots exits the robot house, the grasshopper's antennas are missing.
  • Map is unlisted in the credits of this episode, but he is voiced by Marc Weiner just like Swiper and Fiesta Trio. This is the only episode where Swiper is the only character credited in the end credits and they are always showing Map, Swiper, and Fiesta Trio voiced by Marc Weiner.



Character Find

Grumpy Old Troll

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