Bobo Brothers
Character-thumb-the bobo brothers
Name Bobo Brothers
Species Spider monkeys
Gender Male
Occupation Causing mischief
Interests Stealing stuff, causing trouble
Dislikes Being stopped, good stuff
First Appearance The Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Last Appearance Fiercest Animals
Friends Diego, Alicia, Baby Jaguar (occasionally)
Relatives Bobo Brothers' sisters (sisters)
Enemies Diego, Dora, Boots, Baby Jaguar
Voiced By Jose Zelaya

The Bobo Brothers (or just Bobos) are two mischievous spider monkeys that are always causing trouble. Their first appearance was on the episode "The Rescue of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs".


  • The Bobo Brothers usually say, "Oops, sorry!."
  • The Bobo Brothers are similar to Swiper, they technically swipe things like him but in different ways, and they fool around when they're not supposed to, the difference is that Diego stops them saying "Freeze, Bobos!" which similar to the same fashion Dora and Boots say "Swiper no swiping!", they're always saying "Oops, sorry!", and Swiper always says "Oh man!", they got different catchphrases, the only thing they never say is "you're too late", "you'll never find it now" like he always does.
  • The Bobo Brothers never make an appearance in Dora the Explorer or Dora and Friends: Into the City!.
  • The Bobo Brothers are voiced by Jose Zelaya, the same voice actor for Tico from Dora the Explorer Season 2-4.
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