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Blueberry Hill in "Berry Hunt"

Blueberry Hill is a large hill, with lots of blueberry bushes. Swiper the Fox lives in a burrow on top of the hill.


Dora the Explorer[]

Dora and Friends: Into the City[]


  • Swiper lives in a burrow at the top of the hill. He doesn't know Spanish according to Swiper the Explorer, but in order to get into Blueberry Hill, one has to say "abre", which is Spanish for "open". It is possible that "abre" is the only Spanish word he knows, the gate just opens and closes for him, or he jumps over the fence.
  • This location made a cameo appearance in ¡Por Favor!.
    • In the aforementioned episode, Sir Swiper's kingdom is this place with a big, blue castle in the back.
  • In Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure, it is revealed that when Swiper got older, he moved to a castle.
  • The inside of the burrow was never seen in any episodes, so it is unknown what it looks like.


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Blueberry Hill in "Click"