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The Blue Cursor (also known as Blue Arrow) is a cursor (the viewer) that used as a way to find stuff in Dora the Explorer.


When Dora asks a question, it clicks on something to reveal the answer. In the ending credits, it is seen clicking on a button to reveal the credits, and also trying to find the featured character in the Character Find segments.

Every time it clicks, the sound of a mouse clicking is heard followed by a beeping sound.


The Blue Cursor takes the form of an arrow with about half blue in RGB value, and a glowing white border. It is angled at around 40-50 degrees with the point of the arrow facing the right side of the screen. The top half and the bottom half of the arrow are about the same width. When it clicks on something, the object it is clicking on will glow a yellowish-white.



  • As of late 2013, the Blue Cursor was discontinued; instead, the highlighted object will simply glow with a few exceptions, such as Backpack's segment, as well as clicking on Dora at the end of the We Did It! song.
  • Dora and Boots never mention the blue cursor by its name and they don't even see it on-screen anywhere whenever it clicks stuff, Dora doesn't even feel it clicking her at the end of every episode because it's a computer clicker, except once (if one looks closely, she looked down at the cursor when it clicks on her at the Troll Bridge in "Call Me Mr. Riddles").
    • However, it is possible that she (Dora) was just looking down to see her two legs for the riddle in said episode.
      • Additionally, there was a Moose and Zee promo (promoting the premiere of Season 3 episodes that would air on Noggin throughout the week of September 13-19, 2004), where Moose kept getting poked by the Blue Cursor. It can be seen here.
  • The Blue Cursor is always clicking on Dora at the end of every episode but until it hits Season 5, it stops clicking on Dora at end of each episode from now on and instead opens and closes with a fade in and fade out effect on-screen.
  • The Blue Cursor appears in every episode but in Season 7 and Season 8, it's not used for clicking anything anymore; but it did used for clicking in Dora's Moonlight Adventure as a different version, finding the lost Rainbow Ribbon in Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure, finding the lost red sneaker for Bandersnatch in Dora In Wonderland, and it also clicks on Dora after singing We Did It! in every episode from now on, including Backpack's sequence.
    • One notable exception is in the episode Little Map where the namesake character draws various pictures and the Blue Cursor (despite not clicking until it does on Dora after the We Did It! song of that episode) highlighting mistakes between his picture and the real-life forms.
  • The clicking sound was used in the Blue's Clues episode Anatomy, but without the beep.
  • During the Season 1-2 intros, the computer reveals where the blue cursor lives.
  • Usually the Blue Cursor faces right upwards, but there are a few occasion where the cursor rotates.
    • During the Wizzle's character find, the cursor rotates and faces straight up, and then faces left while chasing the Wizzle.
    • During Sliparooni Star's minigame, the blue cursor faces left the entire time.
  • The Blue Cursor never makes an appearance in both Dora and Friends: Into the City! and the Dora reboot, while in Go, Diego, Go!, it only appears during Backpack and/or Map's respective segments, which is on very rare occasions.
  • The Blue Cursor is always part of the Dora the Explorer logo, with the word "the" on it.
    • The cursor additionally clicks on Dora at the end of the Seasons 1-6 opening sequences before it cuts to the opening shot of the episode. In the Season 7-8 opening sequence, it doesn't click on Dora, as the episode begins with a fading effect instead.
  • The Blue Cursor was red instead of blue on the Music-to-Go toy.
  • In Seasons 7 and 8, when the cursor moves to click on Dora at the end of the We Did It! song it moves faster than how it moved during the earlier seasons.