Name Birds
Species Birds
Gender Undetermined
Occupation None
Interests Discovering new things, playing with friends
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First Appearance Lost and Found
Last Appearance {{{last}}}
Friends Dora, Boots
Relatives None known
Enemies Swiper
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The birds are small blue-colored birds who appear in Lost and Found and A Letter for Swiper. Some reside in a nest located on the Little Blue Tree. Dora and Boots are good friends of the birds, most notably Baby Blue Bird, who they helped find his way home to the Little Blue Tree when he was lost, and the mail-carrying bird, who they assisted when her glasses broke.


The birds are minor characters in the Dora the Explorer television series, appearing in one episode, Lost and Found, as protagonists. Every bird except Baby Blue Bird only appeared at the end of the episode.

Baby Blue Bird is an enemy of Swiper. In Lost and Found,  the fox tried to swipe her flower on her way to the Little Blue Tree. Fortunately, Dora and Boots were able to stop him.


Each bird is a dark blue color. They all have yellow beaks and white eyes with black pupils. They each have a pair of wings and two feet. Their stomachs are a light blue color. They are all covered in feathers.


The birds only appear in three episodes of Dora the Explorer, Lost and Found and A Letter for Swiper and Sticky Tape.

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