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The Big Wind

Oh, no! Mami Bugga Bugga is blown away by the wind!

The Big Wind is where Mami Bugga Bugga, Pablo's magic flute, Dora's song sheet, the Snow Fairy, Swiper's pajamas, puppy book, funny bunny, the library books, the pygmy marmosets and tree sap, Baby Jaguar, Rescue Pack, and Backpack and Map got blew away by in the episodes Bugga Bugga, Pablo's Flute, Boots to the Rescue, Dora Saves the Snow Princess, Swiper's Favorite Things, Journey to Jaguar Mountain, Linda the Librarian, Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue and Return to the Rainforest.


Dora the Explorer[]

Go, Diego Go![]

Dora and Friends: Into the City[]


  • The Big Wind is a wind that’s strong.