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Big Sister Dora! (book)
Big Sister Dora book.jpeg
Author Allison Inches
Illustrator Dave Atkins
Publication date February 22, 2005
Published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
Publication Order
Preceded by
Dora's Pirate Adventure!
Followed by
At the Carnival!

Big Sister Dora! is the 13th book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


Someone new is going to join Dora's family! It’s someone who sleeps in a cradle, drinks from a bottle, wears diapers, and likes to be rocked to sleep. Can you guess what it might be? That's right! Dora's mamí is having a baby and Dora is eagerly awaiting the new arrival - she just can't wait to be a big sister. But when Dora arrives to see the new baby, there's a big surprise waiting for her - twins! Now Dora has a baby brother and a baby sister.


  • This book was released the same day as the premiere of Star Mountain.
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