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Silly Bird

Big Silly Bird is a bird who accidentally took Map to the Tallest Mountain, mistaking him as a stick. He appeared only in the episode Lost Map. He also made an appearance in the flash game Dora Saves Map


Big Silly Bird is mostly blue with a yellow beak. His neck and the tip of wings are light purple. He also has pink and blue tail-feathers, orange talons, and white eyes with black pupils.



  • It is unknown who voiced the Big Silly Bird, because Big Silly Bird isn't listed in credits of episodes where he appears.
    • However, on IMDb, it says that Chris Gifford voiced him. It is possible or unknown if this is true.
    • The closest answer could be Jason Harris Katz, who would later voice Big Trouble in Team Umizoomi.
      • This may be possible, As if their voices sound close to each other.