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The Big Red Chicken (theoretical full name: Harry Pollock), is a main character on Dora the Explorer. As his name implies, he is a red chicken and one of Dora and Boots' best friends who only speaks English. He loves to prepare fiestas and practice magic tricks.

He is voiced by Chris Gifford, the co-creator and executive producer of the show.


Official bio[]

Big Red Chicken is a big friend, so big that when Dora first met him, she thought he was a red hill! Silly, comical, and always on hand for a party, he loves to do magic tricks, host parties, and play carnival games. He can sometimes act as an adult, he even officiated the Grumpy Old Troll’s wedding! If there's ever a party or big event around, so is he!


Big Red Chicken is a legendary character in Dora's world, known to many through a storybook that tells his backstory. When he was a baby chick, Big Red Chicken was actually very tiny and lived on a big red hill. He couldn't run as fast as his friends. He was so little that he had to be very careful or his friends would step on him. He didn't like being so little. One night, when he went to bed, he saw a group of stars shaped like a big chicken. He made a wish on the stars that he could be big.

In the morning, when the little red chicken woke up, he wasn't little anymore; he was as big as a house. The Big Red Chicken was so happy, he danced the chicken dance by flapping his arms and stamping his feet. When Dora and Boots got to see him, it is confirmed that still he does indeed live on the Big Red Hill and dances the chicken dance whenever he wants.


Big Red Chicken has a red body with red wings and a yellow beak. He has white eyes with black pupils and yellow feet. When he goes to a fiesta, Big Red Chicken is always dressed up. He wears a big blue coat with a yellow flower pin. However, in Whose Birthday is It?, he wears a purple suit and hat to Swiper's birthday party. When he is practicing magic, he wears a purple cape, carries a matching purple magician's hat, and holds a wand.



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  • His Spanish name would be Pollo Rojo Grande, or Gran Pollo Rojo.
  • In Hic-Boom-Ohhh!, Big Red Chicken made Dora and Boots cut off their Travel Song because he's sleeping and they bump into him due to him blocking their way getting through the Quiet Forest, they already arrived to it very quickly somehow, so there was no need for them to finish singing it after that.
  • In Dora's Night Light Adventure, Dora tells the same story about Big Red Chicken in the same book, and he's seen as his previous Season 1 self from The Legend of the Big Red Chicken.
  • He is the only character whose voice hasn't changed in ¡Dora! as credited in Wizzle Wozzle Woo.
  • In the 2023 reboot, the Big Red Chicken loves to sleep, similar to Jeff/Lachlan from The Wiggles, Bedtime Bear from Care Bears, Z from Leapfrog, Snorlax, Komala, and Musharna from Pokemon, Zee from OddBods, and other sleepy characters.
  • In some international dubs (e.g. Hungarian) the Big Red Chicken is referred to as female.
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