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Benny (originally known as Benito in the 1998 pilot) is a main character on Dora the Explorer. He is a big, strong cow with a huge appetite and an even bigger heart. He often tries to help Dora on her adventures, but Benny is so accident-prone that it is usually him that is in need of Dora’s help. Benny lives in a large red barn with his grandmother. Dora often goes there to visit him. Benny is a skilled dancer and loves fiesta food, especially cake and ice cream. He is also Tico's best friend.


Benny is a six-year-old cow with a big heart. Benny speaks English and lives with his grandma in Benny's Barn. Benny is also a bit accident-prone. He once got stuck in a wall and his loud hiccups are famous. But Benny can always count on the viewer to get him out of a scrape. Benny isn't always a friend in need; he has also helped Dora in many ways. He played on Dora's Golden Explorers soccer team and helped them beat the dinosaur team; he took Dora and Boots in his go-kart on their way to meet Dora's new twin siblings; and his strength helped Dora win the Super Adventure Race. Benny loves to crack jokes, especially knock-knock jokes. Despite his clumsy nature, he is very self-confident and is never afraid to speak his mind. In the episode "Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur," Benny reveals that he can not sleep without nine dolls, which he calls his "guys." Benny owns his own hot air balloon with a distinctive rainbow pattern on it. He loves to fly high in the sky with his friends in the balloon, as long as it doesn't have a leak that Dora needs to fix with sticky tape.


Benny is mostly dark blue, with a sky blue torso and black hooves. He almost always wears a blue bandana with white polka dots around his neck. He has small yellow horns, thick yellow eyebrows, and a yellow tuft of hair on his tail. His nose and the insides of his ears are bright pink. Prior to the show's debut, Benny had a tomato red-colored body. His torso and eyebrows were a pale goldenrod color. He did not wear his bandana and was instead planned to wear a blue baseball cap backwards. He resembles Babe the Blue Ox from the Paul Bunyan stories told in American Lumberjack stories


  • Benny has his own leitmotif that plays whenever he appears or is mentioned (E-C-D-F-E-C-D).


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Benny appears in most episodes of Dora the Explorer. He made his debut in the unaired pilot, in which he was named Benito. His first official appearance was in the opening and credits of "The Legend of the Big Red Chicken." The first episode to feature him as part of the main story was "Hic-Boom-Ohhh!." In the spin-off series Dora and Friends: Into the City!, Benny appears in two episodes. He plays a major role in "Return to the Rainforest." He also makes a cameo appearance during the animated segment of the theatrical movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Other than the photo from Dora's Pirate Adventure on Journey to Jaguar Mountain, Benny never appeared in Go, Diego, Go!.

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