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Beaches is the 4th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1.



Dora and Boots go to the beach to cool off on the hot summer day.


On a hot summer day, Dora and Boots want to spend the day at the beach to cool off. It all started when Dora was showing the viewer at home that she was pretending to swim. Suddenly, she did not know who landed on her head. It was bouncy, furry and very ticklish. It was Boots the Monkey. Dora asked Boots if he wanted to go swimming at the beach. Boots loved to go swimming at the beach but admits that he is not a good swimmer. Dora understood and gets out a present for Boots in Backpack. After finding Boots' present, Boots opens it and wondered what it was. Dora blows it up and becomes a floaty. Boots practiced trying to swim with the floaty but falls down on the grass. Dora puts the floaty in Backpack for safe keeping until they got to the beach. They did not how to get to the beach. Dora and Boots asked Map for help. He explains that they have to go through the sand dunes, next they have to go over a boardwalk, and that is how Dora and Boots will get to the beach. Dora and Boots got going and started saying out the places they have to go before going to the beach. After that, they hear Swiper the fox. He appeared behind the tree and then he hides behind the bush and then he sneaks up behind Tico. Swiper plans on swiping Tico's popsicle treat. Boots tried telling him, "watch out" but was reminded by Dora that Tico understands Spanish. Dora and Boots had to tell the viewer "cuidado". The viewer did so and Tico heard the viewer's response and starts running. Swiper chases Tico and then it was time to stop Swiper. Dora and Boots took their turn by saying "Swiper no Swiping" 3 times. After that, Tico bravely said "Swiper no Swiping" 3 times and then Swiper snaps his fingers, says "Oh man!", and runs away. Tico thanked Dora and Boots for the warning and walks away. After stopping Swiper, Dora and Boots reach the sand dunes. The path split into 3. There was a path colored blue, red and yellow. Benny comes along and takes the blue path bumps into a sand dune. Benny explained that he was trying to get through the sand dunes. Benny, Dora and Boots studied the paths. They now know that the blue path does not take them all the way through the dunes. And all that was left to choose was either the red path or the yellow path. Dora and Boots decided to check the Map again to figure out which is the correct path to take to get through the sand dunes. Each path get traced starting with blue, red and then yellow. The viewer figured out that the yellow path goes all the way through the dunes. Now the viewer had to tell Dora that the yellow path goes all the way through the dunes and the viewer did so. Dora and Boots were about to take the yellow path when Benny runs ahead and takes the red path. Dora and Boots go after Benny and told him "Stop, Benny!". Benny stopped and saw the crabs. They lead Benny back off the red path and went down the yellow path. In no time, they make it through the yellow sand dunes. Now that Benny knew the way, he was going to play again. Dora and Boots say out the places they were going as they walk on the sand. After the tune, Dora and Boots were surprised that they made it to the boardwalk without even knowing it. Now they had to figure out how to get up on the boardwalk. Boots tries jumping up but it was too high and could not reach. Boots then sees a net ladder nearby. Dora and Boots climbed up the net ladder and got onto the boardwalk. Boots hits a board with his fist and realized that the boardwalk was made of boards. Dora and Boots travel on foot on the boardwalk like a sidewalk. Boots falls through some gaps. Dora pulls him back up. Dora and Boots saw that the boardwalk was missing some pieces. The missing boards were down below. First, they had to count out how many holes are on the boardwalk. They counted up to 7 which means they needed 7 boards and there were exactly 7 boards sitting on the sand. As Dora and Boots counted one more time, the blue cursor clicks on each of the 7 boards individually as they fill in the gaps in the boardwalk going horizontally from left to right. After fixing the boardwalk, Dora and Boots continued walking on the boardwalk until they saw steps which took them down and onto a sandy path. Dora and Boots were getting close to the beach. Boots wanted to put on his floaty. As for Dora, she will have to get out her bathing suit so she can go swimming and a towel to dry off later. Dora checks her Backpack for Boots' floaty, her bathing suit and her towel. After getting out all those things, the floaty lands on Boots' waist and the towel lands on his face. Dora has sandals on her feet so she can walk on the hot sand. Dora and Boots started walking on the sandy path and had to watch out for Swiper. Suddenly, Swiper swipes Boots' floaty and Dora has to help him find it. The floaty was round and was colored green with yellow polka dots. The blue cursor clicked on the snake by mistake but then blue cursor clicks on Boots' floaty. After finding it, they arrive at the beach. Dora and Boots saw Val the Octopus who was their lifeguard. Dora and Boots took off their footwear while Dora takes off her backpack and puts the towel on the sand. Dora and Boots had to run on the sand because it was super hot. As they got in, they felt cool. Benny starts running on the very hot sand and then he jumps and splashes into the ocean. Boots hopes that Tico comes. Sure enough, Tico sneaks up behind Boots, who saw him with a floaty of his own. Boots loved his new floaty. And Dora and her friends have such a good time.

Places in this episode

  1. Sand Dunes
  2. Boardwalk
  3. Beach


This episode can be found in Summer Explorer and Explore the Earth.

Items in Backpack (clockwise from the top during Backpack's second segment)

  • Boots' floaty (correct item)
  • Earmuffs
  • Coat
  • Tomato
  • Towel (also one of the correct items)
  • Dora's bathing suit (also one of the correct items)


  • Rita Moreno is credited as Rita Weisskoff, Ph. D.
  • This is the only time where Dora asks "What was your favorite part of the trip, Boots?".
  • Tico is the second character who stopped Swiper by on his own.
  • This aired in summer on August 17, 2000.
  • This is the 2nd episode where Benny and Tico make their appearances.
  • This is the 4th episode of the show.
  • An online game called "Find Floatie", based on this episode, would be released shortly after this episode was released.
  • Backpack and Map don't say "We did it!" during the "We Did It" song in this episode because they were left on the shore while Dora and Boots went in the water. However, if she did bring them in the water, they would get all wet and soggy.
    • However, Boots says it instead.
  • This was originally a pilot episode, which was produced in 1998.
  • Map sings the I'm The Map song twice but the second time he shortens it up a little and it's the first episode he sings it twice and Dora checking on him twice just like in later episodes but the second time he stands on the bottom left of the map this time instead of the top left.
  • Swiper makes his whisking sound and appears as soon as Dora and Boots finish the Travel Song the first time.
  • Dora and Boots actually sing the Travel Song while Swiper is on to them trying to swipe Boots' floatie tube because Dora tells the viewer to watch out for Swiper while they're singing it but they only sing part of the Travel Song when Swiper is sneaking up from behind every booth and hilariously trips, flails, and stumbles in the background over objects. They don't say the places or spin around and jump saying the last place at the end when they finish singing it.
  • When Swiper appears the second time, he doesn't make his whisking sound.
  • This episode holds the record of the most times the Travel Song was sung being 4. The first time was on the way to the Sand Dunes, the second time was on the way to the Boardwalk, the third time was when they are walking on the Boardwalk, and the fourth and final time was on their way to the Beach.
  • When Dora and Boots ask the viewer where the Boardwalk as the second place is, Boots already finds it before the Blue Cursor clicks on it.
  • Before everyone sings We Did It!, Dora and Boots don't yell out "we did it", they immediately start singing it.
  • Dora and Boots technically sing the Travel Song throughout the whole episode, they sing the whole song twice but they sing part of it a few times with cutting it off a little but the first time they say the places 4 times, the second time they say the places twice.
  • This is the first episode for a few things:
    • This is the first episode where Dora does not wear her normal clothes through the entire episode.
    • This is the first episode where Tico speaks in English.
    • This is Val the Octopus' first appearance.
    • In this episode, the Grumpy Old Troll makes his appearance in the Character Find.
      • He would later make his first appearance within an episode in Surprise!.
        • Additionally, this is the first episode to find the Grumpy Old Troll in the Character Find.
    • This is the earliest episode to where Map is called upon for help twice. This would later be revisited in "The Lost City" and so on in future episodes (mainly in Season 4). Same thing with Backpack.
    • This is the first episode where Dora says "¡Gracias!" after saying "Thanks for helping!" at the end of the episode.
      • This will happen again in To The Treehouse and in later episodes (season 3 onwards).
    • This is the first episode where a flash of light goes off at the beginning of the Backpack segment.
    • When Dora and Boots ask the viewer to say "Map!" (first segment), Dora does not say "Louder!", she instead says "I think you have to say it again!". This is the first time she says that before Map's segment.
    • This is the first episode to premiere on a Thursday.
  • It is unknown how Swiper and the Fiesta Trio got to the Beach.
  • Dora does not say "Thanks for helping!" after the first picture pop-up sequence, she instead says "All right! Thank you!".


  • Isa voiced by Ashley Fleming is listed in the end credits, but Isa doesn't appear in this episode and she's the only character not to go to the beach.
  • After Backpack's segment, Dora was somehow changed into her beach outfit. She was not seen putting her casual outfit in her backpack, so it is unknown what happen to them.


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