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The Banana Boat Song is a song from the Dora the Explorer Season 5 episode Boots' Banana Wish.

Characters Singing[]


Note: Words in italics are spoken.

Pirate Pig: Oh, we're Pirate Piggies sailing out on a Pirate Piggy sea!

Our pirate boat, It runs on fruit!

What could that fruit be?

Is it apples?

Others: No!

Pirate Pig: Is it peaches?

Others: No!

Pirate Pig: What fruit makes the banana boat run? Yell it real loud everyone!

All (except Boots): Bananas!

Pirate Pig: What fruit?

All (except Boots): Bananas!

Pirate Pig: I can't hear you!

All (except Boots): Bananas!

Pirate Pig: Say it louder!

All (except Boots): BANANAS!


  • Pirate Pig says "I can't hear you!" which may be a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • However, the crew does not say "Aye, aye, Captain!" Instead, They say "bananas!"
  • Banana Boat is also a sunscreen company.
  • Boots is the only character not to say "Bananas!"
    • The main reason is to avoid any bananas from appearing.