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Baby Jaguar's Roar
Airdate April 7, 2006
Season 4
Episode 21
Previous Dora's First Trip
Next Dora's World Adventure

Baby Jaguar's Roar is the 21st episode of Dora the Explorer from season 4.

Characters present


Baby Bear gets scared by Swiper; So, Dora, Boots, Diego and Baby Jaguar have to find him at the Big Bear Mountain.


Dora, Boots & Diego were exploring the animal center's baby animals. Then, Diego picks up a baby bear and tells them it's a spectacled bear cub. Then, they hear "meow! meow!" Baby Jaguar appeared. Diego tells them facts about jaguars while Baby Jaguar goes over obstacles. Then, he jumps into Diego's arms. Diego picks up a ball and explains that the ball is the spectacled bear cub's favorite ball. Then Diego tells them that Baby Jaguar and Baby Bear were best friends. Suddenly, Swiper pops up from behind the tree. Dora, Boots & Diego stop Swiper from taking Baby Bear's ball away. After Swiper disappeared, Baby Jaguar realizes that Baby Bear had ran off. With help from Map, The four realize that Baby Bear was stuck atop Big Bear Mountain.

Map explains that to get to Baby Bear's rescue, they have to go through the jungle. Then, go down El Rio Rapido (the fast river) And that's how they'll get to Baby Bear atop of Big Bear Mountain.

When Dora, Diego, Boots & Baby Jaguar get to the Jungle. Diego tells Boot's that they have to be careful because there is Snakes,Coyotes and Crocodiles in the Jungle. So they decide to ask another animal in the Jungle. Which is a frog and they follow the frog's ribbit to get out of the Jungle.

Then, they check Map to find out where to go next. They realize that next they have to go down El Rio Rapido (The fast river).

When they got to the river, they find a raft. The four hop into the raft & they sailed down the river. Suddenly, a giant wave flows up & then, Map gets knocked out of Backpack & floats away in the water. Baby Jaguar rescues Map from the water. Then, they check him to find out where to go next. And the answer was Baby Bear who is located at Big Bear Mountain.

When they got there, Baby Jaguar climbs up Big Bear Mountain to save Baby Bear. After Baby Bear becomes glad to see Baby Jaguar, his rock begins to crack! Baby Bear is going to fall into the prickers & thorns! Baby Jaguar meows at Baby Bear. Boots gets an idea, Baby Jaguar can use his roar to tell Baby Bear to jump! But, Diego says Baby Jaguar hasn't roared yet! So, they help Baby Jaguar roar. Baby Jaguar did so & Baby Bear jumps. Then, when he got down. Boots says that a little bit of ball time can cheer Baby Bear up! Dora checks Backpack for Baby Bear's Ball.

Then, after a game of ball, Baby Bear still wants his mommy. So, Dora, Boots and Diego help Baby Jaguar roar so he can call to the mommy spectacled bear. Then, mommy bear & four spectacled bear cubs leap out from behind the bush. Baby Bear runs to Mommy Bear Growling happily. As Dora puts his ball back in Backpack. Diego explains to Dora, Boots & Baby Jaguar that Mommy Bear miss Baby bear so much. Boots then says that they are so happy! The bear family is together again. And that was how Baby Jaguar saved his best friend from Big Bear Mountain.

Places in episode

  1. Jungle
  2. River
  3. Big Mountain


Trivia / Older Episode Clips

  • Baby Jaguar comes with Dora, Boots and Diego to rescue Baby Bear.
  • This is the 97th episode of the show.
  • The episode's title spoils the climax.


Character Find

Azul the Train

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