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Baby Blue Bird
Baby blue bird.PNG
Name Baby Blue Bird
Species Bird
Gender Female
Occupation N/A
Interests Flying, sliding down a slide, flowers, bananas
Dislikes Getting lost, getting scared, being separated from her family
First Appearance Lost and Found
Last Appearance Return to the Rainforest
Friends Dora, Boots, Big Red Chicken, Mr. Scarecrow
Relatives Blue Bird Family
Enemies Swiper, Ants, Mr. Scarecrow (previously), Big Storm Cloud
Voiced By Aisha Shickler
Maria Mutatore (Lost and Found)
Jasmine Ortiz (Benny's Big Race)
Alexandria Suarez (Dora's Easter Adventure)

Baby Blue Bird is a small baby blue bird. She is the Big Red Chicken's friend who Dora and Boots find lost from her family in the episode "Lost and Found".


Baby Blue Bird's body is colored blue with light blue eyebrows, white eyes, black pupils, a light blue crest, and a light blue chest. Her talons are orange and her beak is yellow.

Episode appearances


  • On Character Find in Season 1, Map becomes blue in the episodes, Treasure Island, Little Star, and Te Amo. This was fixed in Lost Map and We're a Team!.
  • Baby Blue Bird speaks only Spanish. However, the only time she spoke English was when she says "Swiper, no swiping!", most likely because she does not know how to say that in Spanish (¡Zorro, no te lo lleves!) and/or assumes Swiper does not know Spanish (he does not) so she had to say it in English. She also spoke English when she sang "Tenemos Amigos (We Got Friends)".