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Azul the Blue Train
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Name Azul the Blue Train
Species Train (with a wagon in the middle and a closed tender)
Gender Male
Occupation Train
Interests Giving train rides to Dora and Boots
Dislikes Losing his whistle, danger, being made fun of
First Appearance Choo-Choo
Last Appearance Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Friends Dora, Boots, Big Green Train, Big Red Train, Big Gray Train
Enemies Swiper, Big Green Train (previously), Big Red Train (previously)
Voiced By Jordan Smith-Howie (Seasons 1-2)
Phillip Miller (Whose Birthday is It?, Season 3-Season 4)

Azul (translated as blue) is a little blue train mixed with a wagon in the middle who first appeared in the episode Choo-Choo!, where he won a whistle in a big train race. His final appearance was in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure at Dora's birthday party.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]


Azul appears to be a freelance design. Therefore, he is not based on a specific prototype.


  • Azul means "Blue" in Spanish.
  • Just like Isa and Little Star, Azul got Character Find in only two episodes. Strangely whenever he blows his whistle, it's not his whistle, but instead is the whistle from the Big Green Train from Choo-Choo!.
  • From Choo-Choo! until A Present For Santa, he was voiced by Jordan Smith-Howie. Beginning with the end credits of Whose Birthday is It? and the episode The Lost City, he was voiced by Phillip Miller.
  • He is actually a rail motor mixed steam locomotive, not an ordinary train.
  • Azul’s whistle is a stock sound effect from the Sound Ideas website.
  • Azul no longer appears in Season 6 and his 3D look in Seasons 7 and 8.
    • However if he did, he would have a new voice actor and appear in the episodes.
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