At the Carnival!
At the carnival book4.jpg
Author Leslie Valdes
Illustrator Robert Roper
Publication date May 31, 2005
Published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
Publication Order
Preceded by
Big Sister Dora!
Followed by
Dora's Costume Party!

At the Carnival! is the 14th book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


Dora and Boots are at the carnival and they are ready to win the grand prize! But in order to do that they first have to play games and collect eight yellow tickets. Join Dora and Boots in this festive adventure as they make their way toward the grand prize: the Big Piñata!


  • This book is based on the episode, The Big Piñata.
  • In this book, Dora and Boots needed to earn 8 yellow tickets to win the Big Piñata, but in the episode, they needed 10.
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