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Animal Rescue League Go Diego Go!

Animal Rescue League is a song Diego and his teammates made up to help rescue animals from all over the world in the episode "Diego's International Rescue League". The song is about what Diego and his friends are good at.



Go, Diego, Go!- Animal Rescue League

(audio file)

(Obstacle course portion oly)

Animal Rescue League
Here we go! (Sound off!)

Juma race
Over the tires

Burgin crawl
under the net

Yang hurry
across the balance beam

Shanti fly
over the mud pit

And Diego!

(Common use, used thrice)
If there's an animal in trouble
We're coming to the rescue
We'll be there on the double
We're rescuers through and through


Go, Diego, Go!- Animal Rescue League (Reprise)

(audio file)

(Ending only)

Juma! Made it through the sandstorm
Shanti! Swung across the forest river
Burgin! Surfed the ocean wave
Yang! Stepped down the rocky mountain
Then we skied the icy cliff! Yeah!

(Common use, used thrice)
We're the Animal Rescue League
¡Rescatamos animales!
Animal Rescue League
¡Al rescate!



  • Parts in italics are spoken.


  • Elements of this song came from the opening song of Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue.
    • The only differences are that in the said episode Dora takes the places of Juma, Shanti, Burgin and Yang and "Animal rescuers" replace "the Animal Rescue League".