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Animal Hoedown is a song heard on Dora's Ballet Adventure.


Notes: Words denoted in italics are spoken.

We're at the animal hoedown there's no time to slow down,

'cause at the animal hoedown gotta dance like the animals do.

Will you dance like the animals with us?

¡Excellente! Come on, let’s get up and dance like the animals!

Well the first dance is easy as falling of a log,

To do this dance you must simply hop like a frog!

Come on!

Hop, hop, hop! (4x)

Yeah, that’s the way!

Wow, you’re a great hopper!

The second dance is fun cause we'll move like a horse,

When horses like to dance, they simply gallop, of course!

Come on!

Gallop, gallop, gallop! (4x)

Wow! Great job!

I love galloping, Dora!

Me too!

There's one more dance we have to do, this one really swings,

To dance like a chicken, you must flap your wings!

Come on!

Flap, flap, flap! (4x)

Cause at the animal hoedown, we dance like the animals do.