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Queen Allie
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Name Queen Allie
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of the Crystal Kingdom
Interests Sharing, justice
Dislikes Selfishness, greed, giving up
First Appearance Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
Last Appearance Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Friends Dora & Boots, King of Crystal Kingdom, Kate, Enrique the Magician, Map, Backpack, Sabrina the Snow Princess, Unicornio, Pegasus
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Enemies King of Crystal Kingdom (formerly when he was the "Greedy King")
Voiced By Sabrina Jiang (Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom)
Alexandria Suarez (Dora's Big Birthday Adventure)
Sophie Tananbaum (Dora and Friends)

Allie is a girl who lives in the Crystal Kingdom. She first appeared in the double-length episode Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom. She also appeared in a flashback of said episode in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.


Physical Appearance[]

Allie wears a red dress with yellow, dark blue, and aqua blue stripes. As queen, she wears the King's crown as well as a purple dress with the sleeves being pink with magenta stripes. She has blue eyes, and blonde hair.


Allie met Dora and Boots when she saw a crystal shining light into the storybook. She comes out of the book. Soon after, Allie realized that the crystal Dora had around her neck wasn't one of her crystals and Allie was in desperate need of help. The crystal kingdom has lost its color because the greedy king hid 3 crystals in 3 different stories and kept the red crystal very closely to his side. So, Dora and Boots accepted the request to help Allie search for the 4 crystals in 4 different stories. Along the way, Dora, Boots & Allie teach the greedy king that it's important to share. The Greedy King then gave Allie his crown, and was crowned Queen of the Crystal Kingdom. Her people even chanted "Allie es la Reina!".

She later appears in the special Dora's Big Birthday Adventure, both in flashbacks and near the end when she (along with the Snow Princess) wishes Dora back home for her birthday party.