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Rescue Rope
Name Rescue Rope
Species Rope
Gender Female
Occupation Lassoing everything
Interests Exploring, helping Alicia
Dislikes Being snapped (theoretically)
Getting stuck (theoretically)
First Appearance Diego and Alicia Save the Otters (production order)
Diego the Hero (airing order)
Last Appearance Fiercest Animals
Friends Diego, Alicia
Relatives Unknown
Enemies Bobo Brothers
Voiced By Constanza Sperakis (seasons 2-3)
Serena Kerrigan (season 3)
Gabriela Aisenberg (season 5) (all 3 semitones higher)

Alicia's Rescue Rope is a rope used by Alicia (and sometimes Diego). She was first used in Diego the Hero. Production-wise, her first use was in Diego and Alicia Save the Otters.


Alicia Rescue Rope is her rescue item of choice and can come in handy when an animal may be falling fast or she is in a tight jam, she usually calls on the viewer for help by asking them to shout the words lasso to make the rescue rope come to life as she twirls the rope around in the air or underwater and lassos whatever is in need of lassoing.

Animals Lassoed[]

These were the animals who were lassoed by the rescue rope

In Diego the Hero, Alicia uses her rescue rope to lasso one of the humpback whales to pull the rescue ship to the penguin rescue center since the engine was frozen and baby humpback whale offers to pull the ship to the center so Alicia lassos him.

  • Whitetail/Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue

When Whitetail starts slipping down a large hill rapidly while hurrying to a baby fawn in need, Alicia pulls out her rescue rope to stop him from possibly getting hurt.

  • Kyra/Alicia Saves The Crocodile

When Kyra goes into a part of the river that is too rough, Alicia rescues Kyra with her rescue rope and pulls her back to shore and takes her to a calmer part of the river

  • Tuga/Tuga Saves the Moon

As Tuga got in trouble of being stuck by the garbage, Alicia rescues Tuga with her rescue rope and get her back to shore before reading a story.

Things that were not animals but were lassoed[]

The only times the rescue rope did not lasso an animal instead lassoing an object would have been in

  • Diego's Safari Rescue

While Alicia uses the rope trying to take the magic wand of the magician away to keep her from turning Erin and the other elephants back to stone in a tug of war ending with the wand disappearing.

  • An Underwater Mystery

When Lucy gets trapped in an arch of rocks when swimming in excitement of going to find out what kind of fish she is, Alicia swims down from the animal rescue sub to free her, as she uses the rescue rope under the water to lasso the rock so Lucy can wiggle her tail to get free.

  • Diego and Alicia Save the Otters

Alicia makes a raft with the Rescue Rope by lassoing a group of floating logs in the river so she can keep up with Ollie and get down river to meet up with Oscar and Diego.

  • Panchita Prairie Dog Finds a New Prairie

Alicia uses the rope to lasso the log Panchita was floating on top of and pulled her to shore since prairie dogs are not very good swimmers.

  • Manatee's Mermaid Rescue!

When Mermaid city was stuck on top of the rocks Diego alerted Alicia that it was time to use her Rescue Rope, so she lassos mermaid city and she, Diego and Manatee pull it down back under the water.

  • Tuga Helps the Moon

When Luna's ribbons tear and she starts to sink down near some ocean volcanos, Alicia arrives in time and uses her rescue submarines robotic arm with the rescue rope in the hand to lasso Luna before she is burned by the volcanos.

  • Fiercest Animals

In the final episode of the series and the only episode the rope appears in during the modern seasons after being forgotten mostly after season 3, the rescue rope is used one last time this time by Diego so he could save a baby duck who escaped and went into a crocodile pond as Diego lassoed a branch to swing in and rescue the duckling,

Physical Appearance[]

The rescue rope is mainly yellow and blue striped, and she is very long but small enough to fit in Alicia's pocket or in her submarine. When not sentient, the rope's end where its face appears is normally a blue and yellow knot shape. When coming to life, the knot splits up a bit and grows a yellow tuft with a small face with little eyes and a mouth, the only time the yellow tuft was present before she shouted the words lasso was in Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue.

Episodes where she is used[]


Alicia: (twirls lasso) Say, "Lasso!"

(short pause, before waiting for the viewer to respond)

[Louder/Again]! Lasso!

(throws her Rescue Rope, and a face appears on her)

Rescue Rope: (as she is being thrown) Lasso!


  • Alicia's Rescue Rope initially appears to be an inanimate rope, but when Alicia does a lasso with it (while saying, "Lasso!" with the viewers), she becomes sentient and grows a face as she says "Lasso!".
    • "Lasso!" is the only known word she says.
  • She is the only object helper not to have a theme song, because of above.
  • Rescue Rope has the same three voice actresses as Alicia. She was voiced by Constanza Sperakis from "Diego the Hero" to "Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue", Serena Kerrigan in "Manatee's Mermaid Rescue!" and "Tuga Helps the Moon", and Gabriela Aisenberg in "Fiercest Animals".
  • Dora does this exact same segment in the main show's episode Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom where she twirls a rope to lasso the sword from Kate, except her rope is not anthropomorphic.