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Alejandro Gutierrez is a character and the main antagonist from entire Dora Franchise. He is portrayed by Eugenio Derbez. Posibly apparence on pilot


Alejandro has dark sun-tanned skin and a trimly shaped beard and mustache with slightly curling dark hair.

Alejandro wears a white cabana hat with a black ribbon ban, a blue neckerchief with white flowers printed on it, a beige button-down shirt and an open faded green jacket. He carries a hardy-looking brown bag to carry his equipment.


Alejandro is an explorer and professor at the National University of San Marcos in Peru. But he's also a greedy self-serving man who willingly worked with mercenaries in order to get his hands on the treasures of Parapata, "The City of Gold."

Despite his seemingly benign nature, Alejandro has shown to be a manipulator willing to abandon a group of teenagers to danger to reach his own ends. He lied to Dora about knowing her parents after pretending to "rescue" them from the band of mercenaries. In reality, he was working with those mercenaries and only freed Dora so she may lead them to her parents and the city.


He is very similar to Sloan Blackburn from the wild Thornberrys movie. Because both are not revealed to be bad at the beginning both are poachers and hate kids.

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