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Name Alana
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Chef, Animal Caregiver and Sports teacher
Interests sports, animals and cooking
Dislikes being kidnapped, loosing her watch
First Appearance Our First Concert
Last Appearance N/A
Friends Dora, Emma, Kate, Naiya and Pablo
Relatives unnamed mother (mother)

two unnamed bothers (brothers)

Enemies evil princess
Voiced By Ashley Earnest (Dora And Friends)
Jessica Conde (Our First Concert)
Natali Padura (Singing Voice In Our First Concert)

Alana is a member of the Explorer Girls and is a main character in Dora and Friends: Into the City!


Alana has blonde hair in pigtails with red ties. She has green eyes, and a fair skin tone. She wears a lavender shirt that is covered with a green hooded shirt; decorated with two violet flowers. She wears black leggings; she also wears shoes that are a mix of lavender and light purple. 

In Explorer Girls, she wore a red jacket with pink accents, a pink and yellow striped undershirt, dark blue pants with pink highlights, and white and teal sneakers. 

In Our First Concert, she wore an orange short-sleeved tunic with periwinkle pockets and trim, a dark blue and brown striped scarf, blue and periwinkle striped leggings, and blue slip-on shoes with white soles. 


Alana is athletic, confident, and a tomboyish figure. She is the star Soccer player at school, mainly the reason why she's very popular. Though, she goes out of her way to welcome newcomers. She coaches a Soccer team, and she's also an animal lover, the reason why she volunteers at a local animal adoption center. She also has a hidden talent - she is a gourmet chef in the making, and she loves to try exotic food.


  • Alana has a passion in sports. Her favorite sport to play is soccer. She is also into animals and is an aspiring chef.
  • Alana's puppy is named Rico.
  • Alana is currently voiced by Ashley Earnest.
  • One time Alana twisted her ankle in the episode "Buddy Race" and she couldn't run with Dora.


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