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Alana is a member of the Explorer Girls and a main character in Dora and Friends: Into the City!.


Alana has blonde hair tied in pigtails with red elastics. She has green eyes and fair skin. She wears a light purple shirt that is covered with a green hooded shirt; decorated with two violet flowers. She wears black leggings; she also wears shoes that are a mix of lavender and light purple.

In Let's Go to Music School, she wore a red jacket with pink accents, a yellow undershirt decorated with a hot pink flower, dark blue pants and white and platinum blue sneakers.

In Explorer Girls, she wore a red jacket with pink accents, a pink and yellow striped undershirt, dark blue pants with pink highlights and white and teal sneakers.

In Our First Concert, she wore an orange short-sleeved tunic with periwinkle pockets with trim, a dark blue and brown striped scarf, blue and periwinkle striped leggings and blue slip-on shoes with white soles.


Alana is athletic, confident and has a tomboyish figure. She’s the star soccer player at school, mainly the reason why she's very popular. Though, she goes out of her way to welcome newcomers. She coaches a soccer team and she's also an animal lover, the reason why she volunteers at a local animal adoption center. She also has a hidden talent - she’s a aspiring gourmet chef and she loves to try exotic food, especially rare and ancient foods like milk soup, Greek-style beef skewers and even Viennese chocolate cake.


  • Her colors are mint green and purple.
    • These are the same colors used on the personal color palette of Tecna from the Winx Club franchise.
  • Alana has a passion in sports. Her favorite sport to play is soccer.
  • She is an animal lover.
  • She is an aspiring chef.
    • This made her draw some significant similarities with Kerstie from the 2010-13 Polly Pocket web series.
  • Alana's puppy is named Rico.
  • One time Alana twisted her ankle in the episode "Buddy Race" and she couldn't run with Dora.
  • Her first voice actress, Jessica Conde also plays the role of Sabrina the Snow Princess and Daisy Márquez.
  • Cortes is her surname, as revealed in Gymnastics Tournament of Light.
  • Her sense of forward-planning and empathy, her knowledge of gadgets, and her passion for cooking draw noticable similarities with Tecna.
    • Even though Tecna had a bond with Cara (Caramel), Tecna has a great passion for technology.
  • In Dora's Rainforest Reunion, Alana sends Tico a new helmet for protection.
    • From there, she could have sent a helmet to Diego's friend Yang in case some rocks fall on his head while mountain climbing.
  • Her magic tool from Fairytale Land would be the Red Ring.
  • Like the other Explorer Girls, it is currently unknown what would happen to Alana in the new Dora series.


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