Adventures with Dora Volume 3 is a Blockbuster Video-exclusive "Kidmongous" rental Dora The Explorer VHS tape featuring episodes from its 1st season and 2nd seasons the episodes from Dora's Backpack Adventure and Move to the Music.


  1. Now Available on Videocassette and DVD
  2. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius VHS and DVD Trailer
  3. Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Dora The Explorer)
  4. SpongeBob SquarePants VHS and DVD Trailer
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  6. Paramount Home Video Logo (90th Anniversary) (2002)
  7. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Little Bill Variant)
  8. Face Travels In Many Different Ways (Short Version)
  9. Backpack!
  10. Face The Jigsaw Puzzle (Short Version)
  11. Big River
  12. Face Sings Different Types of Music (Short Version)
  13. Dora, La Música
  14. Face Plays Instruments (Short Version)
  15. Pablo's Flute
  16. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Little Bill Variant)
  17. Dora the Explorer Credits (Dora's Backpack Adventure & Move to the Music 2 Total Credits)
  18. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  19. Nick Jr. Bears Logo
  20. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  21. Paramount Home Video (90th Anniversary) (2002)

Episodes Featured

Face Promo

  1. Face Travels in Many Different Ways (short version)
  2. Face the Jigsaw Puzzle (short version)
  3. Face Sings Different Types of Music (Short Version)
  4. Face Plays Instruments (Short Version)


  • This is the 3rd Video for the Adventures with Dora Collection.
  • This VHS contains all episodes from Season 1 (except for Dora, La Música, which is from Season 2)
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