Dora the Explorer Wiki

(upbeat music)

Dora: Hola, soy Dora. My friend Isa the iguana is having a cookie sale back in the rainforest. Do you like cookies? Me too. Let's see what cookies she has. Hi, Boots. Hi, Isa.

Isa: Hi, Dora.

Boots: Dora, Dora! Look at all the cookies Isa made!

Dora: Oh, those look so yummy, Isa.

(boinging noise)

Isa: Boots, did you hear that?

Boots: Yeah, I wonder what made that sound.


(boinging noise)

Dora: Guys, watch out. It's...

Isa & Boots: Swiper?

Swiper: I love cookies!

Dora: Swiper used his super stretchy swiping spring to swipe Isa's cookies!

(boinging noise)

Swiper: Uh-oh! I think I'm all tangled up. Oh, man!

Boots: Now Swiper's caught between two trees, and he's dangling over the river.

Isa: Don't eat my cookies, Swiper!

Boots: Dora, it's a real Swiper emergency.

Dora: It was naughty to swipe Isa's cookies, but we can't leave Swiper hanging there forever.

(Latin rhythm music)

Dora: Hey, I think there's something in the river under Swiper. What's in the river? Crocodiles!

Swiper: Oh! Crocodiles! Crocodiles! I don't like crocodiles.

Dora: Wow, it really is a Swiper emergency.

Swiper: Dora, I need your help. Pretty please? Por favor?

Dora: Okay, Swiper. I'm on my way.

Boots: But don't eat Isa's cookies.

Swiper: (giggles) No cookies. Right.

Boots: You better come quick, Dora.

Dora: Okay, Boots. I'll be there soon.

(lively music)

Dora: We've got to get to the rainforest quick. My charm bracelet can help us. Look at all my bracelet's charms. Which charm can fly us to the rainforest?

(shimmering tones)

Dora: Si! The blue morpho butterfly charm. To get the charm to grow, say, "Mariposa magica!"

(shimmering tones)

(music cresendos)

Dora: Wow! That is one giant blue morpho butterfly!

(lively music)

Dora: Come on! We've got to go to the rainforest so we can save that sneaky fox, Swiper. Vamonos!

(lively music)

Dora: Come on, vámonos Everybody, let's go! Come on, let's get to it I know that we can do it!

Emma: Dora, where are you going?

Dora: To save Swiper!

Kids: Cool! You can do it! (Go, Dora!)

Pablo & Alana: Dora, where are you going?

Dora: To save Swiper!

Kids: Go, Dora! (All right!)

Kate: Dora, where are you going?

Dora: To save Swiper!

Kids: Yay! (Fantastico!)

Naiya: Dora, ¿a dónde vas?

Dora: A salvar el la Swiper.

Kids: Estupendo! (Whoo!) Awesome!

Dora: We made it to the rainforest. Now we've got to get to the big river. Do you see the big river? Yeah, there it is. Let's go! Vamonos, mariposa!

Benny: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Dora: Sounds like someone needs help.

Tico: Ay, no!

Dora: Look, it's Benny and Tico. Come on! Benny? Tico? Are you okay?

Benny: The brakes on my go-kart are broken, and I can't stop!

Tico: Y, Dora, mira! Es un gooey geyser!

Dora: Oh, no, you're headed for the gooey geyser! We've got to save you. I need your help. Will you check my backpack for something I can use to save Benny and Tico? You have to say "backpack."

(shimmering tones)

(upbeat music)

Backpack: Backpack, Backpack Backpack, Backpack Yeah!

Bud: And I'm Bud!

Backpack: Dora needs something she can use to save Benny and Tico.

Bud: Ooh, ooh, I know! She can use a rope, and they can climb up to her.

Backpack: That's good thinking, Bud.


Backpack: Do you see a rope?

(shimmering tones)

Bud: There it is! You found it!

(shimmering tones)

Backpack: Muy bien. Smart looking.

Dora: Okay, guys, you're gonna have to climb up. And you've got to be quick.

(suspenseful music)


Benny: Whew! Thanks for rescuing us.

Tico: Muchas, muchas gracias, Dora.

Benny: Dora! I didn't know you were coming to the rainforest today.

Dora: We're here to save Swiper.

Benny: Swiper?

Dora: Yeah, It's a real Swiper emergency. Vamos a salvara Swiper!

Tico: Ooh!

Dora: And we've got to hurry! Mariposa's flying us to the big river to save him.

Benny: But look at all these clouds. It's hard to see!

Dora: And I think I see something through the clouds. What is it? A bird!

(bird chirping)

Dora: With all these clouds, we have to make sure the butterfly doesn't bump into the birds. The butterfly speaks Spanish. If you see a bird, tell her to watch out by saying, "Cuidado, Mariposa!" Can you say, "Cuidado, Mariposa"? Great!

(lively music)

Dora, Benny and Tico: Cuidado, Mariposa!

(bird chirping)

Dora: Whew! That was close.

Dora, Benny and Tico: Cuidado, Mariposa!

(bird chirping)

Dora: Look. There's the big river. Whoa!

Benny: Yeah!

Tico: Whoo-hoo!

Dora: Ven, Mariposa!

(shimmering tones)

Boots: Dora! You came just in time! Swiper looks like he's gonna fall into the river at any minute.

Isa: And he's getting really hungry. But he better not eat my cookies.

Crocodiles: (chomping)

Isa: And the crocs better not eat my cookies, either.

Crocodile: (growling)

Dora: It's now or never, guys. Let's save Swiper!

Boots: But how, Dora?

Dora: We've got to get the crocodiles to look away. Tico, ¿puedes hacer que miren a otro lado?

Tico: Si, Dora. (laughing)

Dora: Benny?

Benny: Oh, yeah! We can make silly faces.

Tico & Benny: (both gurgling and laughing)

Crocodiles: (giggling)

Dora: Isa, we're going need your balloons.

Isa: You got it, Dora.

Dora: You ready for another adventure, Boots?

Boots: Always, Dora!

Dora: Okay. Then you and I need to hold on to the balloons so we can float over to Swiper.

Boots: Whoa!

(exciting music)

Dora: Boots, we've got to blow the balloons towards Swiper.

Dora & Boots: (both blowing)

Boots: It's not working, Dora.

Dora: We need your help to blow the balloons. Take a deep breath in and... Whoa! Blow, blow, blow!

Dora & Boots: (both blowing)

Swiper: Dora, you made it! I was getting a little worried.

Dora: We'll get you out of here, Swiper.

Boots: I'll take those.

Swiper: B-b-but!

Boots: Swiper, let go of the cookies!

Swiper: But I really want them!

Dora: Swiper, we can't save you unless you give the cookies to Boots.

Swiper: (groans)

(boinging noise)

Swiper: I'm free! I'm free! Uh-oh!

Dora: Hold on to the balloons, Swiper.

Swiper: Whee!

All: Whee!

Isa: My cookies! My cookies!

(zany music)

Dora: The cookies are safe.

(all cheering)

Isa: Cookie time!

Boots: Mmm.

Dora: Yum, yum.

Swiper: Boy, those sure look good. Sorry about the swiping, Isa.

Dora: Swiper, come back.

Swiper: Really?

Isa: Yeah, I think you could use a cookie.

Swiper: Yip-yip-yippee!

Dora: Yay! We saved Swiper! And got cookies for everyone!

Dora, Boots and Isa: We did it!

(upbeat music)

Dora & Boots: We did it together!

Dora, Boots, Tico, Isa, and Benny: All for one!

Dora: Swiper's got tangled up And needed a rescue

Dora, Boots, Tico, Isa, and Benny: We did it together!

Backpack, Map and Bud: All for one!

Dora: We flew back to the rainforest To see what we can do

Boots, Isa, and Benny: We did it!

Dora & Tico: ¡Lo hicimos!

Dora & Boots: All for one!

Boots: Dora got our friends to help because the rescue was tricky.

Dora: But we saved Swiper.

Swiper: And I even got a cookie!

All: We did it together!

Backpack, Map and Bud: All for one!

All: We did it together!

Dora & Boots: We got it done

All: We did it all for one!

Boots: Boy, Swiper sure was happy getting that cookie.

Dora: And getting away from the crocodiles.

(both laughing)

Dora: Isa gave me a basket of cookies to take back to the city for my friends. And here's a cookie for you.

Both: Yum!

Boots: Oh, I was so happy to see you today, Dora.

Dora: Me too, Boots. And I was happy helping Benny and Tico and Isa and Swiper too. What makes you happy?

Boots: Oh, that sounds good!

Dora: Yeah, that would make me happy too. We're really glad you helped us save Swiper today.

Boots: Oh, yeah!

Dora: We couldn't have done it without you. Adios, amigos.

Boots: See you soon!