A Letter for Swiper
Swiper excited about his letter
Airdate Monday, January 20, 2003
Season 2
Episode 17
Written by Eric Weiner
Storyboard by:
Dominic Orlando
Eric Sanford
Directed by George Chialtas
Previous A Present for Santa
Next Dora, La Música
A Letter for Swiper is the 17th episode of Dora the Explorer from season 2.

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Dora and Boots become mail carriers and deliver letters to all their friends (even to Swiper) while the Special Delivery Bird gets her glasses fixed.


Dora and Boots saw a special delivery bird. Dora explains that she has extra special letters. Suddenly, the special delivery bird crashed to the ground. She was okay but she lost her 4 extra special letters. Dora and Boots help the special delivery bird find the 4 extra special letters. They were by some trees and bushes. After getting back the extra special letters, the special delivery bird noticed that her glasses are broken and couldn't see. Boots suggested that she could get her glasses fixed but the special delivery bird is determined to deliver the letters and fast. Dora had an idea. She told the special delivery bird that she and Boots can deliver the letters while she gets her glasses fixed. Dora and Boots promised that they'll deliver them fast. The special delivery bird thanked Dora and Boots and wished them good luck. Boots wanted to know who the special letters are for. Dora and Boots looked through the 4 extra special letters one at a time. There was a letter for Tico, one for Isa, one for Benny and even one for Swiper. Dora and Boots were in shock but impressed to see that Swiper got a letter. Now that they know who the extra special letters are for, Dora and Boots check the Map to figure out where to go to deliver the extra special letters. He says they should speed to the nutty forest to deliver an extra special letter to Tico, then zip on over to Benny's Barn to deliver extra special letters to Benny and Isa, and finally zoom to Blueberry Hill to deliver an extra special letter to Swiper the fox. Dora and Boots started their quest on mail delivering. Dora said to Boots that they have to be careful because delivering letters is a hard job and they had to watch out for all kinds of things. Dora heard that chickens chase after mail carriers. Suddenly, the chickens started chasing after Dora and Boots. They picked up speed and noticed there was a gate. Dora and Boots had to say the Spanish word Abre to open the gate. After the gate opened, Dora and Boots had to say Abre to pass through a three more gates. After passing through the last one, the chickens were locked up and couldn't chase Dora and Boots anymore. After getting away from the chickens, Dora and Boots enter the nutty forest. Dora and Boots started running but then there were some nuts falling down. They were about to get bonked. Dora decided to get an umbrella from her backpack. Dora gets out the umbrella and she and Boots had to say Abre to open the umbrella. After opening the umbrella once, 2 nuts bounced off of it. After opening the umbrella twice, 2 more nuts bounced off it. After opening the umbrella a 3rd time, 4 nuts bounced off it. After that, the umbrella was put away. And now Dora and Boots can deliver their 1st extra special letter to Tico. Sure enough, Tico came out and Dora and Boots told him that they have a letter for him. Tico opens the envelope and out came a card. Tico opened it a couple of times and a tune was playing. Tico completely opens the card letting the music play from inside the card. Tico got a music card from his cousins. Dora and Boots completed the first task. Now Dora and Boots had to go to Benny's Barn to deliver 2 extra special letters; one for Isa and one for Benny. Dora and Boots picked up speed and then they entered themselves in a snowy setup. There was snow everywhere. The snow was getting deeper, slippery, frosty and cold. Dora and Boots have to check Backpack for some snowsuits. There was a pink and white snowsuit and snow boots for Dora and a yellow snowsuit and red snow boots for Boots. Dora had purple mittens on while Boots had red mittens on. Dora and Boots are now dressed in their snowsuits. Snow started falling heavily. It was turning into a blizzard. A snowball starts rolling down the snowy hill. Dora and Boots had to be careful not to get hit by snowballs. Dora and Boots jumped over a small snowball, a medium-sized snowball and a large snowball. They make it to the top of the hill and then a giant snowball appears behind them. Dora and Boots didn't jump over the giant snowball, they jumped onto it and rolled down the hill. When Dora and Boots got to the bottom, they jumped off the giant snowball. After getting through the snowy setup, Dora and Boots took off their snowsuits. Then, they started heading over to Benny's Barn. Dora and Boots had extra special letters for Isa and Benny. First, they give Isa her special letter and inside it was super-fast growing sunflower seeds. Isa puts a seed in the ground and a sunflower immediately sprouts up and grows tall and straight. Next, Dora and Boots give Benny his special letter. Benny's extra special letter pops open to reveal popcorn. It was a popcorn snack. Benny and Isa thanked Dora and Boots for delivering their extra special letters. So far, Dora and Boots delivered 3 extra special letters and they had one more letter to deliver and one more place to go. Dora and Boots had to go to Blueberry Hill to deliver the last extra special letter to Swiper the fox. Dora and Boots make it to Blueberry Hill but noticed the gate was shut closed. Dora and Boots said Abre to open the gate. Dora and Boots enter Blueberry Hill. Next, they marched up to the top. And now, Dora and Boots can deliver the last extra special letter to Swiper. They call out to Swiper. Sure enough, he pokes his head up from his fox hole. Dora told Swiper that she had a letter for him. When Dora gives Swiper his letter, he swipes it from her instead of just taking it nicely. He opens the letter and inside it were stickers. Swiper got stickers from Grandma Fox. Swiper disappears into his fox hole. Dora and Boots shrug. Swiper reappears to thank Dora and Boots for delivering his mail.

Places in this episode

  1. Nutty Forest
  2. Benny's Barn
  3. Blueberry Hill


  • Chicken Gates
  • Snowy Blizzard


This episode can be found in Cowgirl Dora, Big Sister Dora, and Musical School Days on DVD.


  • Dora and Boots become mail carriers and deliver extra special letters to their friends.
  • This is the 1st episode to premiere in 2003.
  • This is the 43rd episode of the show.
  • This is the first episode Swiper is technically somehow on his good side when Dora and Boots deliver him a letter but he's a little bit on his bad side as he just swipes the letter from Dora's hand rather than taking it from her nicely even though they give him stickers because he's still kind of in the mood swiping, but he still says "Thank You" to them about giving him his letter.
  • Dora and Boots are the only ones not to have letters for themselves, everyone else including Isa, Benny, Tico, and Swiper get letters except them as they're the only ones who don't get any, they only got to deliver letters instead, it technically never seemed fair to them when they never got anything.
  • This is the third episode where Blueberry Hill is the last place Dora and Boots go. They also traveled there in Berry Hunt and Click!.
  • The Travel Song is sung and featured twice in this episode.
  • When Isa says "Dora! Boots!", the audio is taken from Lost Squeaky.
  • This episode aired on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2003.


  • Backpack did not have mittens and it is unknown how Dora and Boots managed to have them on.


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