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A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset
Airdate Tuesday, January 24, 2006 (Nickelodeon)
Monday, August 21, 2006 (Noggin)
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 (VHS and DVD)
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Season 1
Episode 12 (aired)
18 (produced)
Written by Ligiah Villalobos
Storyboard by:
Anna Burns
Butch Datuin
Carol Datuin
Miyuki Hoshikawa
Kenji Ono
Jose Silverio
Directed by Matt Engstrom
Allan Jacobsen
Henry Madden
Kuni Tomita (storyboard)
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A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset is the 12th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from Season 1. In production order, it's the 18th episode of Season 1.



Diego and Alicia rescue a papa and baby marmoset who had a boo-boo on their paws and they help them get home to the marmoset family.

Animal sounds of the Pygmy Marmoset[]


Facts about pygmy marmosets learned[]

  • Pygmy marmosets live in trees.
  • Pygmy marmosets like to eat tree sap, not spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Pygmy marmosets have sharp teeth which help them bite things easy. They do not have long beaks like most birds.
  • Pygmy marmosets are afraid of hawks, not butterflies.
  • Pygmy marmosets are the tiniest monkeys in all of the rainforest. They are not big, compared to the average adult.

Animal Puzzles with Questions[]

  1. Does a pygmy marmoset have sharp teeth or a long beak?
  2. Is a pygmy marmoset really tiny or really big?
  3. Does a pygmy marmoset eat spaghetti and meatballs or tree sap?
  4. Is a pygmy marmoset afraid of a hawk or a butterfly?

Animals found by Click[]

Note: Animal in bold is the correct one.

  • Capuchin monkeys
  • Howler monkeys
  • Squirrel monkeys
  • Papi and Baby Pygmy Marmoset

Rescue Pack transformations[]

Note: Item in bold is the correct one.

  • Wagon
  • Bicycle
  • Hang glider



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