ABC Animals
Airdate Thursday, April 22, 2004
Season 3
Episode 23
Previous Louder!
Next Dora's Fairytale Adventure
ABC Animals is the 23rd episode of Dora the Explorer from season 3.

Characters present

  • Dora
  • Boots
  • Backpack
  • Map
  • Swiper
  • Fiesta Trio
  • Armadillo (debut)
  • Ant (debut)
  • Bear (debut)
  • Cat (debut)
  • Dog (debut)
  • Elephant (debut)
  • Frog (debut)
  • Giraffe (debut)
  • Horse (debut)
  • Iguana (debut)
  • Jaguar (debut)
  • Kangaroo (debut)
  • Lion (debut)
  • Mouse (debut)
  • Nightingale (debut)
  • Octopus (debut)
  • Pig (debut)
  • Quetzal (debut)
  • Rhinoceros (debut)
  • Snake (debut)
  • Turtle (debut)
  • Umbrella Bird (debut)
  • Vulture (debut)
  • Whale (debut)
  • X-Ray Fish (debut)
  • Yak (debut)
  • Zebra (debut)


Dora and Boots enter an Alphabet Book, and except for Armadillo, see all the others animals (from A to Z) are missing.


Dora & Boots enter the ABC book. They find an armadillo on the "A" page. Armadillo explains to Dora & Boots that all the animals aren't in their corresponding letter pages. It was a mystery. So, Dora, Boots, and Armadillo go on a quest to locate the missing animals. There was an ant missing at the letter "A". There was a bear missing at "B". They also find a cat missing at "C", a dog missing at "D", an elephant missing at "E", a frog missing at "F", a giraffe missing at "G", a horse missing at "H", an iguana missing at "I", a jaguar missing at "J", a kangaroo missing at "K", a lion missing at "L", a mouse missing at "M", a nightingale missing at "N", an octopus missing at "O", a pig missing at "P", a quetzal missing at "Q", a rhinoceros missing at "R", a snake missing at "S", a turtle missing at "T", an umbrella bird missing at "U", a vulture missing at "V", a whale missing at "W", an X-Ray fish missing at "X", a yak missing at "Y" and a zebra missing at "Z". Dora, Boots & Armadillo fly an airplane from A thru E. They ride in a fire-truck at "F" all the way to "I". They fly a kite from J thru O. They ride on a train at "T" all the way to "Z". All the animals were in the "Z" shaped zipper. Dora & Boots unzip the zipper and all the animals came out. All the animals got together at the letter "Z" to throw a surprise party (La fiesta sorpresa) for Armadillo.


Places in episode

  1. Elevator (at the E)
  2. Slippery Slide (at the S)
  3. Zipper (at the Z where the party is located)


  • This episode premiered on DVD titled Puppy Power! and Nickelodeon: Let's Learn ABCs.


  • There are no Explorer Stars in this episode, so a Character Find plays at the end.
  • It is unknown how Swiper got in the ABC book.
  • This is the last episode for Season 3.
  • Benny, Tico, and Isa don't appear in this episode, but they're unlisted in the credits of this episode.
  • When Dora, Boots and Armadillo slide down the slide, they fell into a mud puddle.
  • This is the 76th episode of the show.


Character Find


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