ABC Animals
Airdate Thursday, April 22, 2004
Season 3
Episode Current Airings: 23

Earlier Airings: 24

Written by Christine Ricci
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ABC Animals is the 23rd episode (24th in earlier airings) of Dora the Explorer from Season 3, as well as the Season 3 finale.

Characters present


Dora and Boots enter an Alphabet Book, and except for Armadillo, see all the others animals (from A to Z) are missing. They have to go all the way to Z to solve a mystery.


Dora & Boots enter a giant ABC book. They find an armadillo on the "A" page. Armadillo explains to Dora & Boots that all the animals aren't in their corresponding letter pages. It was a mystery. So, Dora, Boots, and Armadillo go on a quest to locate the missing animals. First they have to check Map on where to go and he said all the animals are at the letter Z. Before they can get there, they have to go up an elevator shaped like the letter E and down the slipper slide shaped like the letter S. Dora, Boots & Armadillo are ready to solve the mystery. They fly on Avíon the airplane from A thru E. There was an ant missing at the letter "A". There was a bear missing at "B". They also find a cat missing at "C", and a dog missing at "D". Later, they saw donuts blocking the way. After the ride, they found out that an elephant was missing at "E". They had to pull the lever to get the elevator to move. With the viewer's help, they pull the lever strong enough that the elevator moves as they reach the top of a hill. Now they have to go to the Slippery Slide shaped like an "S". Along the way, they saw a frog missing at "F". They ride in a firetruck at "F" all the way to "I". There was a giraffe missing at "G", a horse missing at "H", and an iguana missing at "I". After riding the firetruck, they found a jaguar missing at "J". A kite flies over causing Dora, Boots & Armadillo another ride. They fly it from J thru O. They saw a kangaroo missing at "K", a lion missing at "L", a mouse missing at "M", and a nightingale missing at "N". They saw a net in the way. They hit it and slid down a slide shaped like the letter O to solid ground. They found an octopus missing at "O", a pig missing at "P", a quetzal missing at "Q", and a rhinoceros missing at "R". They reached the Slippery Slide and saw a snake missing at "S". They have to climb stairs to get to the slide. All of a sudden, they hear a sneaky fox. They noticed that Swiper's name starts with S. Swiper swiped the stairs and tossed them far away. He told the viewer that he hid the stairs behind something that starts with "S". Dora, Boots and Armadillo found the stairs behind a sled. There were 7 stairs. With that done, they climbed up the slide and landed on a mud puddle. So far, Dora, Boots and Armadillo went up the elevator and slid down the slide. They were getting close to solving the mystery of where all the animals are hidden. The rode a train from "T" all the way to "Z". They saw a turtle missing at "T", an umbrella bird missing at "U", a vulture missing at "V", a whale missing at "W", an X-Ray fish missing at "X", and a yak missing at "Y". After the train ride, they found a zebra missing at "Z". All the animals were in the zipper at Z. Dora, Boots and Armadillo unzip the zipper and all the animals came out. All the animals got together at the letter "Z" to throw a surprise birthday party (La fiesta sorpresa de cumpleaños) for Armadillo. The episode ends with everyone singing the Animal Alphabet Song.


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ABC Animals/Transcript

Places in episode

  1. Elevator (at the E)
  2. Slippery Slide (at the S)
  3. Zipper (at the Z where the party is located)

Sub Places

  • Letters A-D
  • Letters F-R
  • Letters T-Y


This episode can be found on DVD titled Puppy Power! and Nickelodeon: Let's Learn ABCs.


  • There are no Explorer Stars in this episode, so a Character Find plays at the end.
  • It is unknown how Swiper and the Fiesta Trio got in the ABC book.
  • Just like with The Super Silly Fiesta, the Fiesta Trio play their extended fanfare right after Dora and Boots shout "We Did It!" instead of before that.
  • This is the last episode for Season 3.
  • This is the second episode where Swiper tells the viewer where he hid something, first being Little Star.
  • Benny, Tico, and Isa don't appear in this episode, but they're unlisted in the credits of this episode.
  • When Dora, Boots and Armadillo slide down the slide, they land in a mud puddle.
  • This is the 76th episode of the show (77th in earlier airings).
  • Not only is S a slide, but O is also a slide that Dora, Boots, and Armadillo slide down. It is also seen from afar when looking for the S slide.
  • This is the sixth episode where Backpack was not checked. However she did appear as Boots talked about words that start with B, like Boots’ name, banana, and Backpack said "...and Backpack!".
  • Dora, Boots, and Armadillo don’t sing the Travel Song in this episode, they instead sing Animals are missing from A to Z.
  • This is one of few episodes where Map stands on the bottom left of the picture map instead of the top left.
  • This episode aired on Earth Day in 2004.
  • Ant and Jaguar are the only animals not shouted by Dora Boots and Armadillo. However, Dora is the only one shouting out "Jaguar!"
  • This is the first episode to introduce Armadillo, but it is purple. In some episodes such as The Magic Stick, Click! and Whose Birthday is It?, there is an armadillo who looks identical to the one in this episode, but it is yellow. It is possible that they could be related to one another.


  • When Dora was listing the words that start with I, she skipped "ice skates".
  • There was an owl (La Lechuza) at the zipper on the Z, but later in the party, the owl is gone.


Character Find


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